Kegley's Sailing Adventures

Livin' the dream sailing the seas with 2 humans and 2 pups!

Loving Block Island, RI!

Well, we finally made it to Block Island on Thursday, 8/11. This place is amazing! As soon as got here, our friends Alex and Theresa took the ferry over and stayed with us. We explored the island - shopping and checking out the restaurants and bars. On the weekend Mike and I went to Mohegan Bluffs. We rode the bikes there with the pups not knowing it would be lots of hills! We made it and it was definitely worth it! Here are some pics.

Love the anchorage here in Great Salt Pond - tons of boats. There have both moorings and room for anchorage. We decided to anchor. Every morning Aldo's Bakery Boat comes by and let's the people he is here by saying "Andiamo". He has hot coffee, breakfast sandwiches and pastries! They even come in the afternoon with shrimp cocktail, pizza, desserts and more!

This island is very beautiful - it reminds me a bit of Maine.

Lots of dinghys!

Will post more later!