30 October 2017 | Wahoo River, Georgia
22 October 2017 | South Santee River, SC
16 October 2017 | Cedar Creek, NC (Near Oriental, NC)
14 October 2017 | Styron Creek (Near Bell Haven, NC)
13 October 2017 | Buck Island, NC
12 October 2017 | Top Rack Marina, Chesapeake, VA
22 June 2017 | Reedville, VA
09 May 2017 | Waterside Marina, Norfolk, VA
04 May 2017 | Top Rack Marina, Chesapeake, VA
03 May 2017 | Midway Marina, Coinjock, NC
28 April 2017 | Mile Hammock Bay, Camp LeJune, NC
26 April 2017 | Barefoot Landing Marina
25 April 2017 | Myrtle Beach, SC (Osprey Maring)
23 April 2017 | Dwees Creek, SC
21 April 2017 | Aspepoo River, SC
17 April 2017 | Hawkins Creek, St. Simons Island, GA
16 April 2017 | St. Marys Boat Services
13 April 2017 | St. Marys Boat Services
01 April 2017 | ST. Marys Boat Services
29 March 2017 | St. Marys Boat Services

Almost to Brunswick

30 October 2017 | Wahoo River, Georgia
65, Sunny, Wind 5-10
AfFter leaving South Santee River we moved on to Dewees Creek near Charleston, SC on the 23rd. We had some bad weather coming so we moved south to the Ashepoo River in SC and spent the 24-26th there just cooling it in high winds.

The weather gave us one good day so we moved to Bull Creek in Hilton Head, SC. We spent the 27th thru the 29th there. On the 29th we had some really high winds (the highest we recorded was 43 MPH).

Today we moved 65 miles and are now anchored in the Wahoo River in GA. Tomorrow on to the Brunswick area and on Wednesday we will move to Brunswick Landing Marina, finishing our trip South.

Continuing South

22 October 2017 | South Santee River, SC
Partly Cloudy, 78F and Windy
After our great crossing of the Neuse River we laid up in Cedar Creek for a couple of days waiting out the wind.

We then moved on to Mile Hammock Bay at Camp LeJeune. They had training operations going on so we had something to watch. Love to see these guys in action.

We then moved on to Wrighstville Beach and visiting with our long time Friends from Columbia (Jim and Pat Watson).

Yesterday we moved on and spent the night at Osprey Marina in Myrtle Beach. We used to stop at the Barefoot Landing Marina in North Myrtle Beach but the Marina operator their has turned into a jerk so our dinners at T-Bonz are on hold. We might try the Barefoot Marana across the river next time. They have a shuttle that will take us to the Landing for dinner.

Today we moved on and are now anchored in the South Santee River. It is a bit windy but still some nice weather.

Tomorrow is a short day of 37 miles to Dewees Creek and on Tuesday we pass thru Charleston Harbor.

We are on a schedule to reach Brunswick GA on or about November 1st.


16 October 2017 | Cedar Creek, NC (Near Oriental, NC)
Windy Windy Windy and Rain
We had a beautiful travel day on Sunday (finally). The Neuse River was calm and probably one of the best crossings we every had.

The weather for the next couple of days is pretty windy so we decided to lay over here in Cedar Creek.

I have determined what the term "alternator" means on an engine. The one on the Starboard engine worked "alternately" so we ordered a new one and picked it up at the Alligator River Marina. This morning I had the opportunity to install it and everything now appears normal (it is a boat though).

Tomorrow is another lay day then off to Camp Jejune on Wednesday.

Bad Weather to Good

14 October 2017 | Styron Creek (Near Bell Haven, NC)
See Text
This morning the weather went from YUCK to ABSOLUTE YUCK. The forecast for the Abermarle Sound was wind 5 to 10, seas 1 foot. Reality was wind 20-25, seas 3 feet +. And it was raining.

As the day progressed it improved. Basically 25 miles of Crappy weather; 25 miles of Okay weather and 25 miles of nice weather. We won’t even comment on tomorrows weather because it will probably be wrong.

Tomorrow we hope to do the Neuse River and then hold up in Cedar Creek with some wind coming up on Monday.

Everything else is going well…………….


13 October 2017 | Buck Island, NC
The weather of late is just plain lousy. Today was cool, windy, humid, raining and heavily overcast. YUK!

Last night we had a great dinner the the Marina Restaurant. Shrimp and Lobster over Linguine, Blue Mussels and Calamari. GOOD!

We moved south today about 55 miles. We are anchored at the north end of the Albemarle Sound and will leave in the morning to cross the Sound and move down the Alligator River.


12 October 2017 | Top Rack Marina, Chesapeake, VA
Raining, 86F and cloudy. Winds 15-20
Needless to say it has been a long time between posts. The facts known, there was not a lot to post.

We spent most of the summer working on boats. We spent the first 6 weeks working on Mike's new boat. Just a lot of updating and running new cables, etc.

We then moved north to Pasadena Maryland. Allen spent a few days with us and then we went into Fairview Marina where we spent several weeks replacing our Starboard Engine. The engine did not fail but had a lot of hours and was past it's useful life. We thought it best to replace the engine on our own terms rather than have it fail is some remote location.

We left the Reedville, VA area on Tuesday morning and moved south to Norfolk, VA. Yesterday we moved just 8 miles south to Chesapeake, VA where we are now. The weather has put a hold on until tomorrow but we don't mind. This Marina has a blow out restaurant which makes for a great dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we will move further south to an anchorage and wait out the weather.

Vessel Name: SPIRIT
Vessel Make/Model: 44 Ft. Pacemaker Motor Yacht
Hailing Port: Brunswick, GA
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