Kenyalang II

James & Roni celebrate 50 years aboard Kenyalang II

11 July 2019 | Shearwater
09 July 2019 | Kisameet
29 June 2019 | Green *Island Anchorage
26 June 2019 | Hemasila Inlet
23 June 2019 | Fury Cove
21 June 2019 | Port Hardy
17 June 2019 | Port Hardy downtown
13 June 2019 | O Brien Bay, Simoon Sound
12 June 2019 | O'Brien's Bay, Simoom Sound
09 June 2019
08 June 2019 | Lagoon Cove
06 June 2019 | Johnstone straits
05 June 2019
04 June 2019 | Forward Harbour
03 June 2019
03 June 2019
03 June 2019
02 June 2019 | Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island

Blown Away!!!!!!!!!

11 July 2019 | Shearwater
Roni Quinn Redman
Soooooo, being modest, I have to admit, James and I have visited incredible places and met amazing people over our lifetime. But yesterday just about hit the top of the list.

Shearwater, the go to marina on the central B.C. coast is not exactly competing with say, Waikiki. And, you wouldn't expect to run into someone else you knew from, for example, Fairfield County, Ct. here.

So, it is not wonder that when James and I grabbed the docklines for "Otava", a classy trawler from Anacortes, WA and greeted its owners with "Hi Dianne, Hi Tom, that we got this confused look back, like, "Who are you?"

Well, Dianne was my room-mate at UConn, class of 1964! Okay, give me the odds. Should I really invest in a lottery ticket!

Needless to say, we had a fantastic evening, making up stories when we couldn't possibly remember the truth, but they were good anyway. No photo to post here after a few glasses of wine, but I will add our college photos when we return home (if I can find them).

Leave Only Footprints

09 July 2019 | Kisameet
James & Roni Redman
Soooooo, not the first time I have been out in the middle of no where racing through the underbrush hoping to find James, wondering what to do when I do find him, while imagining only the worse. We were on a trail up to a lake at Kisameet, after having spent the night as the only boat in a serene anchorage, two baby docks, one eagle and us.

I was a bit ahead of James, marveling at the Bald Eagle just a few feet below me, examining the waterfall for dinner. The thunder of the water crashing over rocks and logs kept the eagle from hearing me and almost kept me from hearing "Roni, come help me?" James had dropped our bear spray along the way, and so turned back to find it. We are soooo cautious!

So, I slipped and slogged, climbed over logs, ducked under logs, as fast as I could until he calls grew louder, and then. . . there he was, upright, alive, but knee deep in soft, black muck. The skunk cabbage provided no support and each effort to move only got him deeper. one foot pulled loose enough to loose its shoe!

The good news is, this black mud is actually carefully collected and shipped off as the , THE, magical component in some verrry expensive skin cream. So, with a few grunts and a little bit of colorful language, we did manage to extract both James and a full arms length down on my part actually pulled out his shoe.

Laughter came with relief on my part. James. . . not quite so much laughter.

A surprise around every corner!

29 June 2019 | Green *Island Anchorage
James & Roni Redman
We were cautiously threading our way between islets when we noticed huge splashes right next to the shoreline, only 8 1/2 feet deep at low water, so we were keeping a careful lookout for unchartered rocks. The splashes headed out towards us, and then a smooth dive down showing a back and then a beautiful wave of the young humpback's tail!

Green Island Anchorage was itself a delight with a salt water lagoon and a fresh water lagoon to explore.
Vessel Name: Kenyalang II
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina Morgan 440
Hailing Port: Port Ludlow, WA
Crew: James, Roni , Tilloo
About: James & Roni have been sailing through life together since 1968, Tilloo, proud of her pirate cat lineage, joined the crew in 2003 in the Abacos.
KENYALANG, an Atkins Ingrid 38, cruised the South Pacific, 1975-78. VIA MARIS, a Giles 51" ketch brought our crew to Alaska in 1989. 2003 -2007 ALICAT, a Gemini 105 MC sailed the Bahamas, for 5 years when we purchased Harlequinn, a Lagoon 380 S2. We enjoyed her until 2014. We then [...]
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