Sailing Gromit

26 March 2016
26 March 2016
26 March 2016
26 March 2016
26 March 2016
26 March 2016
26 March 2016
26 March 2016
26 March 2016
16 January 2016
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Winter Wonderland in Canada

26 March 2016
Yes, it's winter in Canada and we are in the thick of it.

There has been a hint of spring, but mother nature can be fickle at this time of year. Two weeks ago we had temperatures in the mid teens (mid 70s for you Fahrenheit folks), then a huge snow storm that gave the kids two days off of school and now heavy freezing rain that coated everything to the point of tree branches bending to the ground and snapping like toothpicks.

Where are the palm trees and beaches?

This is the house we are currently living in. We'll be here until our house is rebuilt....we don't know when. We'd hoped to start rebuilding in spring....which is now....but progress is slow, because the process is slow.
We can't complain because this house is spacious and comfortable, though quite dark. We've talked about lightening it up with some brighter paint. Just haven't gotten there yet. Still too much to do regarding the fire.

Winter in Canada

26 March 2016
Maia, Liam, Zoe, Jaya

Loving the snow.
Building snow buddies.
Make snow angels.

But.....also looking forward to spring!!!

Snow Buddies

26 March 2016

Winter Wonderland

26 March 2016
Patterns in nature.

Winter Wonderland

26 March 2016
Freezing rain.

Winter Wonderland

26 March 2016
Vessel Name: Gromit
Vessel Make/Model: Olympic Adventure
Hailing Port: Toronto
Crew: Michael, Cornelia, Zoe, Maia, Liam. Photo: At Tilloo Bank, Elbow Cay, Bahamas (photo by Frank Taylor)
About: Michael: The technical/mechanical/all about the boat and systems guy. Cornelia: The lists/house and land details gal. Zoe, Maia and Liam: Gromit's Skippers in Training!
Extra: Departure date: Summer 2008 email us at:
Gromit's Photos - The Wild Coast
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While we were waiting in the car for Michael to finish the car rental paperwork, I looked over at this luggage trolley and saw this most amazing beaded gecko. I took this as good luck on an incredible adventure!
Breathtaking valleys......
.....smooth green hills......
......beautiful scenery.
Almost all homes had a round building or two and we
We all laughed when we saw this sign.....and then decided that we
The Wild Coast
View of Jacolette and Joop
Side view.
The land slopes steeply towards the beach.
The cabins tucked here and there.
We had many visitors our first morning. They came with lobster, oysters, fish and lots of local crafts.
We bought the lobsters......
.....and oysters.
Michael loves them, the kids are so-so with them and I can totally live without them!
It has a large fridge and two small freezers.
There is a sink but no running water. Michael and David plumbed in a tap.
There is no well, so all the water is collected from the roofs of the cabin and communal area and store in huge reservoir tanks behind the buildings.
Every morning one of the employees, Desmond, would come to start the fire under the hot water tank. This tank was plumbed into the building with the toilet and shower. 
(The little girls is Joyce
Michael, Joey (David and Peggy
Birthday boy wearing his birthday crown and holding his birthday cheesecake made by Maia.
Local boys, Liam and Joey playing
It was great fun and they played for hours.
The players.........
Some all smiles.....
.....and more smiles......
.......some more serious than others!
This beach was in the bay to the north.
To get there was a beautiful hike, only about 20 minutes, on a narrow rocky and dirt path that had been worn in by goats and people.
The same beach at low tide.
Michael and Liam spent hours flying Liam
At higher tide the waves rolled in farther and farther up the beach until almost no sand was left.
Joey and some of the boys from the monkey-in-the-middle game of the day before. They played for hours despite the cold water and their shivering bodies.
The boys helped carry the board back.
David and his friend, Rob.
Joyce, our kitchen help.
On the road near the camp, kids would run to the side of the road and shout


Who: Michael, Cornelia, Zoe, Maia, Liam. Photo: At Tilloo Bank, Elbow Cay, Bahamas (photo by Frank Taylor)
Port: Toronto