Enchanted Waters

Vessel Name: Keyif
Vessel Make/Model: Alubat OVNI 445
Hailing Port: Istanbul
Crew: Nadire Berker & Selim Yalcin
About: A surgeon and a physician who were in love with the sea for many years decided to embark upon their dream voyage when their three children, now young adults, left the family nest on their own life journey.
Extra: Mesleğimiz şekil değiştirdi, çocuklarımız yuvadan uçtular, çok geç olmadan hekimliğe ara verip hayallerimizi gerçekleştirmek, dünya denizlerine açılmak istedik.
02 September 2013 | St. Thomas, St. John
28 February 2013 | The British Virgin Islands
01 February 2013 | St. Barthelemy, French West Indies
31 January 2013 | Saint Marteen-Anguilla
14 December 2012 | Sal Adası'ndan St. Marteen'e
14 December 2012 | From Ilha Do Sal to St. Marteen
28 November 2012 | Sal Adası, Cabo Verde
28 November 2012 | Isla du Sal, Cabo Verde
21 November 2012 | Pasito Blanco, Gran Canaria
19 November 2012 | El Hierro, The Canary Islands
07 October 2012 | Lanzarote Adası, Kanaryalar
25 September 2012 | Formentera Adası, İspanya
24 August 2012 | Lavrio, Yunanistan
31 May 2012 | Sonunda İstanbul
14 May 2012 | Saal Marina, Tuna nehri
01 May 2012 | Ren Nehri, Wiesbaden, Almanya
08 April 2012 | Port D'Arsenal, Paris
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02 September 2013 | St. Thomas, St. John

in the USVI

We sailed from St. Barts to St. Thomas in 15 hours, trying hard to slow Keyif down so as to enter Charlotte Amalie in daylight. Finally, we were down to third reef on the mainsail, furled the genoa, almost put the engine on reverse in 10 knots of wind!!! The good boat Keyif is fast like her master. Our dear professor, Dr. Mike Sussman from Portland, OR, flew to spend his birthday with us in the USVI. The weather, the sushi, the anchorages and snorkelling were all perfect for us, we had a marvellous three days together.

28 February 2013 | The British Virgin Islands

With Panagiotis and Maria, welcome to paradise

An amazing time filled with laughter, fun, happiness aboard Keyif in the BVI with our brother, Admiral of the seven seas, King of Ouzo and of the Aegean Sea, Panagiotis and his lovely bride Maria.

01 February 2013 | St. Barthelemy, French West Indies

Ünlüler adası St. Barts

31 Ocak'ta Anguıllaidan çıkışımızı aldık, 1 şubat sabah 7:30'a demirimizi alıp Anguilla'nın kuzeyinden St. Barts'a yol verdik, Anguilla'nın kuzey burnunu dönünce Atlantik Okyanusu bizi karşıladı, dalgalarında biraz zıpladık, bir buçuk ay önce buralardan nasıl da heyecanla St. [...]

31 January 2013 | Saint Marteen-Anguilla

Karayiplerdeki ilk adalarimiz

Karayiplerdeki ilk adamız St. Marteen biraz turistik, ama eğlenceli ve çok güzeldi. Bu adada yarı tatlı sulu kocaman bir lagün var, adayı Hollanda ve Fransa taraflarına ayıran sınır lagünü de ikiye bölüyor, lagünün bir kısmı Holanda'ya, diğer kısmı Fransa'ya ait. Her iki tarafın [...]

14 December 2012 | Sal Adası'ndan St. Marteen'e

Atlantik Geçişi

İlk ve şimdilik tek Afrika limanımız olan Cabo Verde adalarından Sal'den 1 aralık cumartesi sabahı iki başımıza ayrıldık. P1000804.JPG Biz demir alırken başlayan, 20-25 knot esen hava dört gün boyunca devam etti, Atlantik'e çıktığımızdan beri ilk kez karşılaştığımız kaba [...]

14 December 2012 | From Ilha Do Sal to St. Marteen

Crossing the Atlantic

We left our first and only African harbor Sal Island on December 1st, 2012 and started sailing west. The weather was cloudy and cool, wind 20-25 knots from the northeast with gusts of 28 knots. The seas were confused and the boat was rolling much more than in our previous crossings. It became an adventure [...]

A happy 5 day voyage from La Gomera

28 November 2012 | Isla du Sal, Cabo Verde
Nadire under a perfect sky, sun, and wind
We were very happy as we drove to the airport to meet our friends Atila Caglar and Mehmet Turel who, after purchasing some, manufacturing others and salvaging the rest from Turkish customs, were bringing us all the equipment and goodies we needed from Istanbul! They had a huge load, and as they themselves are also larger than most, it was a small problem to fit inside our rental car, but we managed gracefully. It was great to be together again and comforting to sail this leg with these knowledgeable and physically strong duo as crew. After visiting Las Palmas and also eating for one last time at Canaries Wok, we set sail from our lovely marina Pasito Blanco on November 21. Mehmet Turel is an extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic fisherman, dedicated diver, and an allround seaman. He is also a great cook and funny person who never gets seasick and never lets morale on board go down. These qualities, which we did not know before, were invaluable for us on this crossing. Atila Caglar is like our older brother who always watches out for us, a book lover, a man of many diverse interests, a giant with a child’s pure and loving heart inside. This was promising to be a great trip. Our first stop was La Gomera island in the southwest, we tied to the modest but very efficient marina around noon the next day. It was full of boats like us, getting ready for the crossing. We learned in the marina office that our VDO package had finally arrived in Tenerife after having been detained for nearly a month in Spanish customs. As the crew discoeverd La Gomera island and the captain worked on last minute details, Nadire jumped on the first ferry to Tenerife and saved our VDO, as well as stocking up in El Cortes Ingles on Nesresso capsules and millefeulles once again. Thanking Lorena in Marina Santa Cruz, she came back to Marina La Gomera to check us out of the Canary Islands, Spain and therefore, Europe. On November 22nd at 8 pm, we left La Gomera, just like Christopher Columbus did 640 years ago on his way west, to sail towards Sal Island, 750 miles southwest, near the African coast. Atila Çağlar and Mehmet Türel had a flight back home from Sal on the 30th so we would have time to enjoy that island too if we were fast enough. We sailed with the main and genoa the first day, but hoisted the Parasailor once the wind went down, and our confidence in the crew increased. For two days, in settled weather, we did not even glance up at the Parasailor, let alone touch the sheet, it sailed us so smoothly and well. We had omlettes, Turkish style pastries, cakes, eggs in the mornings, and feasted on the fish that Mehmet Turel caught and cooked in the most excellent way in the evenings. Each evening as the moon rose over the horizon, Caglar-Turel team gave a concert of songs, beginning with ‘Aydede’ the moonsong and we sang along, every day and night we laughed so hard over Mehmet agabey’s jokes and stories that tears came from our eyes. Nadire-Mehmet team on their watch from 9 pm to 3 am every night had long conversations over life and everything else, that nobody heard but the ocean, much to the envy of the Atila-Selim team. We gossiped about everyone and everything under the sun! On Atila agabey’s birthday we remembered how Turkish we were, Nadire brought out her bellydance costume, and we had dancing in the cockpit! 760 miles went by like the wind in five and a half days, much as we wanted to, we could not catch a swordfish, but had great sailing, no problems with crew or boat, no gear breakdown, even forgot to watch the sails due to much enjoyable conversations and jokes, and finally anchored in Sal island on the morning of November 28. We spent our time in Sal watching the fisherman, admiring the African art, swimming in the bays on the southern side, and mainly finishing small chores on the boat. We loved Sal for the beauty of the people, for the way people lived together happily with the street dogs who looked so much like their Turkish brothers, and the wonderful children. We were ashamed of everything we had in the face of the poverty in Sal, remembering Klaus Kinsky in the movie Cobra Verde, we were even more ashamed for the evil the whites carried within, wherever they went.
At the end of our two days in Sal, we could not convince Caglar-Turel team to continue the voyage west, no matter how much we tried, so waved goodbye to them as we dinghied them ashore on November 30 to go to the airport. The memory of their hearty laughter lingered on in Keyif as we prepared for the long crossing ahead...

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