Kindred Spirit

The History

10 October 2010 | Apalachacola
10 October 2010 | Bethel AK
10 October 2010 | Bethel Alaska

After the departure

10 October 2010 | Apalachacola
Matt Duff
We met Richard and Kelly Green of S/V Blue in Apalachicola. Our first big off shore voyage would be with them brining up the rear. We set out at fisrt light and they at noon. We both arrived in Tarpon Springs at the same time.......hey they have a catamaran!


10 October 2010 | Bethel AK
Matt Duff
I spent the next year getting sober and learning my boat. Battery maintainance, fiberglass repain, tail trim, plumbing, deisel engine repair, transmission repair, anchoring, ect, ect, ect...... i also was learning a new way of dealing with life.....
This is a picture when we hauled out in preparation for the Grand Voyages. There is one hell of a cool yard in Freeport Florida. The yard managers name is Mike and the staff there supported us the entire time we did work on kindred. We subsequently pulled the motor, replaced the gear, installed a dripless packing gland, installed a pressure weashdown pump, had a new shaft forged, brought down the entire bottom to clean gel coat, rebuilt it up after sealing it in epoxy and covering it with 6 layers of interprotect. then botom painted with 2-3 coats of trinidad sr. we spent some time there!

Begining post

10 October 2010 | Bethel Alaska
Matt Duff
So i've made the decsion to try and initiate this blog. Lindsey had one going on with tripsailor but we're in a new stage of our lives and she doesnt want to post right now. So ill start this one.
I bought a 37 foot sailing vessel named Kindred Spirit in the fall of 2007. It had been a plan i had hatched with a friend of mine named Jamie Demaro..... On one drunken night i thought how cool it be to live the life of a sailing bum, to work where i could find work, eat where i could find food and sleep with lots of different women. My buddy Jamie in less of a drunken state thought it sounded like a good idea too. Once i had sobered up and really started to put things into perspective:

I have no children that i know of, I have no wife to coeirce into the plan, i have no home... i was renting a room in a house in Santa Rosa Beach at the time, have virtually no debt, and i have a career that pay relativley well.

Strangley enough i bought the frist boat i really lood at in Pensacola FL after dropping Jamie off at the airport......(he had been visiting from Arizona where he was a dealing in highend cars). One of Jamies cars. And Jamie with random gal.
Vessel Name: Kindred Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: 1978 37'4" Endeavour sloop plan A
Hailing Port: Niceville Florida
Crew: Aaron Matthew Duff & Lindsey Nicole Graf
About: Adventurous wanderings of 2
Extra: God Save The Queen
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Who: Aaron Matthew Duff & Lindsey Nicole Graf
Port: Niceville Florida