09 February 2012 | Coasters Retreat
03 February 2012 | Gunnamatta Bay
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30 January 2012 | Greenwell Point
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Back in the Basin

09 February 2012 | Coasters Retreat
Phil/Overcast some showers
I have been a bit slack with the blog for a few days. WE left Port Hacking with the South Wind and had a lumpy trip so pulled into Sydney Harbour for the night then onto Broken Bay the next day. We had a delightful sail up the coast. We spent the night in a calm little bay then headed to Dangar Island for a walk around the Island which we enjoyed.
When we tried to get the anchor up we found it was well and truly stuck under some underwater junk so what to do? Our luck was in and a mooring barge was working nearby and they offered to retrieve the anchor. We put a bouy on the chain and set it free and a couple of hours later the barge came around the corner with our chain and anchor. That's the second time we have been lucky in this situation. We are now anchored in the Basin at Broken Bay and will catch the ferry across to Palm Beach shortly.
Our weather has been mixed but we have been enjoying ourselves. Back home Monday

What's that Bright Thing in the Sky?

03 February 2012 | Gunnamatta Bay
Phil/ Fine and Sunny
At last we have sun! Yesterday we were anchored at Jibbon Beach in Port Hacking and it was light rain all day. We caught the ferry from Bundena to Cronulla and met Heather for lunch which was great and then the ferry back again. This morning we motored into Gunnamatta Bay and tied up to a marina. The weather improved and its a nice summers day. John and Geoff did the laundry while I did the shopping and this afternoon we spent resting or walking. Tonight we will walk up to the town for dinner.
Tomorrow we are going up the Port Hacking River(we hope as its shallow) for a couple of days.
Lets hope the weather stays OK.


01 February 2012 | At Sea
Phil/ Overcast 24
WE did not get away yesterday but left Greenwell point about 0700 this morning. Seas have about 2 meter swell but very comfortable. For once the wind is from the right direction. John and Geoff went into Nowra yesterday and visited the Navy museum which they enjoyed. I had a lazy and quite day aboard. We will be in Port Hacking about 1600 today and will spend a couple of days there.

South Wind

30 January 2012 | Greenwell Point
Phil/ Overcast 24
I give up. The wind looks to be coming from the South for days yet so we have changed our plans and will head back North. We don't really care where we go so will spend some time exploring Port Hacking for a few days then see what happens. We have had a nice time in Greenwell Point so no complaints. At this stage we will leave tomorrow morning and should have a good sail all day, although it way be a bit rough.
Tonight we have been invited onto a neighbouring yacht for a baked dinner so that's hard to refuse.

The Disappearing Bus and Salmon

29 January 2012 | Greenwell Point
Phil/ Warm and windy
We are still in Greenwell Point waiting for the wind to abate but its a nice place to be. Yesterday Geoffs Niece and her husband drove from Kangaroo Valley to have lunch on board with us and it was great to meet them. The NE wind really piped up after lunch and blew all night and today.
This morning we caught the 0800 bus from Greenwell Point to Nowra for a look around and do some shopping. After lunch at the RSL I did the shopping and John and Geoff went to a fish shop we had been told about to buy some Tasmanian Salmon for dinner. When we got to the bus stop it appears we missed the bus by about 1 minute. You have got to hand it to the bus drivers for Kennedys as after John had spoken to the driver of another bus they turned around and came back for us. What great service.
When we got back on the bus we discovered the salmon was missing, left on the bus!!! No problem a phone call to the bus company and they arranged to deliver it to us at 1600, more great service.
Now there has been quite a bit of discussion as to who lost the salmon and who was late for the bus and in the pursuit of crew harmony there is no guilty party it was just another of those things that seem to happen to us as we get older.

Sun Shining Toilet blocked

27 January 2012 | Greenwell Point
Phil/ Fine and Sunny
We are on a mooring at Greenwell Point after a bit of a slow trip from Kiama. The weather has improved and all is well. Yesterday we invited some other people from near bye yachts for sundowners and had an enjoyable couple of hours. Today we went for a walk then coffee on another yacht then lunch at the local bowls club. I have decided to stay here until Wednesday at least to wait for better winds for heading south. This is a very nice place and we are thinking about a bus trip to Nowra on Monday (at seniors rates)
I think we will be having a nanna nap this afternood and a BBQ for dinner.
I awoke this morning to complaints from the crew about a blocked toilet and I should say that fixing this is not my favourite job. Fortunately it was only some weed in the water intake so all was well.
Cheers Phil
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