Sailing with KIST

02 June 2012 | San Diego, CA
27 May 2012 | Pacific coast of Baja California
16 May 2012 | Turtle Bay
08 May 2012 | Bahia Magdelena
27 April 2012 | La Paz, Mexico
25 April 2012 | La Paz
14 April 2012 | La Paz
03 April 2012 | La Paz, Mexico
21 March 2012 | Stone Island, Mazatlan
16 March 2012 | La Cruz
09 March 2012 | Melaque, Barra, and Tenacatita
01 March 2012 | Melaque
23 February 2012 | Banderas Bay
08 February 2012 | Banderas Bay
31 January 2012 | Banderas Bay
29 January 2012 | La Cruz
24 January 2012
23 January 2012 | San Blas

In Banderas Bay

29 January 2012 | La Cruz
Bonnie/today was nice, a bit on the cloudy side but that meant it wasn't overly hot!
Although the trip from Chacala to Bahia de Jaltemba was short and sweet the overnight stay in the anchorage of Isla Pena was long and rolly! The island did provide protection from the wind but the swell finds its way around the rocks and makes it pretty hard to sleep. The reasons I wanted to go were because I'd read about what a great beach there was, delicious shrimp on skewers, and great snorkeling. Although the shrimp was good and watching a little boy chase roosters in the town square was fun and something I'd never seen before--roosters in a town square that is, I'm not sure it was worth the loss of sleep. We decided to skip the snorkeling the following day and head into to La Cruz instead.

Kevin spotted whales along the way but none were close enough to get any great shots. We also were visited by dolphins for the first time since we've been on the main coast. These were much larger than some of the other dolphins we've seen with more pronounced spots. They are beautiful creatures.

La Cruz is a small fishing town in Banderas Bay with a newer marina just about 15 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. It is within a short bus ride of all the small towns and large cities around the bay so we plan to spend a couple of weeks here to explore the area, take some hikes, and it sounds like Kevin is going to try his hand at surfing. Banderas Bay is Mexico's largest bay with 100 kilometers of coastline many of which are beautiful sandy beaches and over 60 spots to choose from to surf. We'll see if any of those waves have Kevin's name on them.

Today was the farmer's market which had some prepared foods and one fruit/veggie stand and then about 100 or so various artisans. There were some pretty cool things such as jewelry, pottery, straw art (yes, straw art that was interesting and colorful), baskets, etc., and in many cases the artists were working on a piece as we walked by. Although things were at bit on the pricey side it was still interesting to see so many different things in one spot. The photo is of the market which sets up every Saturday right by the marina. I held off on buying all but just one gift and nothing for us but since we'll be here through at least one more Saturday I may need to change my mind!
Vessel Name: KIST
Vessel Make/Model: Fraser 41
Hailing Port: Bellingham WA
Crew: Kevin and Bonnie Peterson
About: Kevin and Bonnie hail from Bellingham Washington. Kevin is a special education teacher at Mount Baker High School in Deming Washington and Bonnie is a self employed project manager. We have two wonderful daughters and two very special grand daughters whom we are going to miss very much on our trip.

Who: Kevin and Bonnie Peterson
Port: Bellingham WA