Sailing with KIST

02 June 2012 | San Diego, CA
27 May 2012 | Pacific coast of Baja California
16 May 2012 | Turtle Bay
08 May 2012 | Bahia Magdelena
27 April 2012 | La Paz, Mexico
25 April 2012 | La Paz
14 April 2012 | La Paz
03 April 2012 | La Paz, Mexico
21 March 2012 | Stone Island, Mazatlan
16 March 2012 | La Cruz
09 March 2012 | Melaque, Barra, and Tenacatita
01 March 2012 | Melaque
23 February 2012 | Banderas Bay
08 February 2012 | Banderas Bay
31 January 2012 | Banderas Bay
29 January 2012 | La Cruz
24 January 2012
23 January 2012 | San Blas

Easy trip

21 March 2012 | Stone Island, Mazatlan
Bonnie/a bit on the cool side, temp is just above 70 sometimes
Now that our pride and wounds have healed we are heading across the Sea of Cortez to the Baja side. Since our mishaps we have been on another overnight trip from La Cruz back to Mazatlan. The winds were out of the north and light which meant that we motored the entire way. I have to say that after our previous leg I wasn't at all unhappy to be motoring.

We've been anchored at Stone Island outside of the Mazatlan harbor for the past couple of nights. It is a quiet anchorage in terms of other boats and noise from the beach so has been fairly relaxing and welcome after an overnighter. The first day in we didn't even get the dinghy down and instead napped, ate, napped again, ate and then went to bed for the night. Hard day, I know.

The following day we spent some time on the beach and then were invited over to the neighboring boat for a beer. Now despite Kevin's last post I want everyone to know that we haven't turned into beer guzzling, foul mouthed, accident prone sailors. We brought our own beverages which in this instance was water and since neither of us got hurt or had a huge wave crash over the boat there was no need to swear--I just wanted to set the record straight.

In preparation for the trip across 'the sea' we took the water taxi from Stone Island over the Mazatlan and went shopping. I was surprised when the water taxi driver asked us to put on life jackets. The trip is a short distance, not even a 5 minute ride. When I asked him if it was really necessito, he said si. Of all the things we've seen in terms of safety regulations or rather lack or enforcement of them it made me chuckle that a life jacket was required. We've seen people riding motorcycles with no helmets with a baby nested between the driver and the passenger on back, no railings building ledges, rebar sticking out of the sidewalks and huge holes in the roads but rest assured if I fall into the water during that short panga ride, I'll at least float!
Vessel Name: KIST
Vessel Make/Model: Fraser 41
Hailing Port: Bellingham WA
Crew: Kevin and Bonnie Peterson
About: Kevin and Bonnie hail from Bellingham Washington. Kevin is a special education teacher at Mount Baker High School in Deming Washington and Bonnie is a self employed project manager. We have two wonderful daughters and two very special grand daughters whom we are going to miss very much on our trip.

Who: Kevin and Bonnie Peterson
Port: Bellingham WA