SV Kiviuq

A journal of the sailing vessel Kiviuq and her owners Marilou Kosseim and Alan Teale

Vessel Name: Kiviuq
Vessel Make/Model: Van de Stadt Madeira 46
Hailing Port: Inverness
Crew: Marilou Kosseim and Alan Teale
About: Marilou is a Canadian national, retired physician and Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. Alan is a British national, retired veterinary surgeon and animal molecular geneticist. Both are currently UK-based and members of the Ocean Cruising Club.
Kiviuq is a van de Stadt Madeira 46 in alloy, with round bilge and deeper draft options. The 46 is the scoop stern variant of the van de Stadt Madeira 44, the scoop being developed by the builder, Alexander Beisterveld of Beisterveld Jachtbouw in Steenwijk, Netherlands. Kiviuq is rigged as a [...]
13 September 2019 | Shining Waters Marine, Tantallon, Nova Scotia
05 September 2019 | St Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia
22 August 2019 | Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
13 August 2019 | LaHave Islands, Nova Scotia
04 August 2019 | Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
28 July 2019 | Head Harbour, Campobello, New Brunswick
11 July 2019 | Belfast, Maine
07 July 2019 | Belfast, Maine
06 July 2019 | Belfast, Maine
13 June 2019 | Belfast, Maine
01 June 2019 | Burnside Lodge
15 September 2018 | Belfast, Maine, Nova Scotia
30 August 2018 | St Peters, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
18 August 2018 | Bay La Hune, Newfoundland
10 August 2018 | Isle aux Morts, Newfoundland
04 August 2018 | Baddeck, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
30 July 2018 | St Peters, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
26 July 2018 | Spanish Ship Bay, Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia
14 July 2018 | Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
06 July 2018 | Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
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13 September 2019 | Shining Waters Marine, Tantallon, Nova Scotia

Dorian and the aftermath

We rode out Hurricane Dorian at anchor in Schooner Cove together with four other foreign boats that came in for the same purpose. All the boats rode safely to their best bower anchors, I suspect on long chain scopes of 10:1 or more. We certainly did. It seems that the latest consensus among the cruising [...]

05 September 2019 | St Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia

Waiting for Dorian

It was going to happen sooner or later. A hurricane is heading our way. After devastating the Abacos and Bahamas and brushing Florida, Dorian is now close E of the coast of the Carolinas, and the current forecast is that it will go right over Nova Scotia on Saturday/Sunday moving quickly in a NNE'ly [...]

22 August 2019 | Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Downward and upward

I realise there is quite a lot of catching up to do since my last post, which left us in Grand Manan, so apologies if this becomes something of a travelogue.

13 August 2019 | LaHave Islands, Nova Scotia


After St Andrews it was time to begin making our way across the Bay of Fundy towards Nova Scotia. This we decided to do in two stages. The first involved retracing our wake across Passamaquoddy Bay and around the southern end of Deer Island, then up Head Harbour Passage to the northern tip of Campobello [...]

04 August 2019 | Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Things that go bump in the night.

From Campobello we sailed southabout Deer Island, an area renowned for its cetacean populations (and thus also populated with whale-watching boats), into Passamaquody Bay and up to St Andrews. Here we picked up a mooring just 150m or so off Market Wharf, the large and well-appointed town wharf.

28 July 2019 | Head Harbour, Campobello, New Brunswick

Going Downeast

We left Belfast just over a week ago on Saturday 20th July to sail down Penobscot Bay with the intention of spending a night at anchor in Seal Bay, Vinalhaven. Seal Bay is beautiful, well protected and not that far from the popular yachting centres of Camden and Rockland. Perhaps for this reason it was [...]

Counting down

01 June 2019 | Burnside Lodge
This is Saturday 1st June and Marilou and I leave home for New England on Tuesday, so I felt it was time to reactivate blog posts.

By Tuesday evening we should be in Boston where we overnight before taking the excellent Concorde Coach service up to Portland and then on to Belfast, Maine. Arrival in Belfast should be late afternoon on Wednesday 5th where we are booked into the Yankee Clipper for a couple of nights while we make Kiviuq habitable again.

So this is a busy weekend for us, completing what needs to be done to ready our home and garden for our absence of four months or so. And at this time we are reminded how fortunate we are to have such good neighbours in Geof and Anne to keep an eye on things at home and a great team, Jan, Eric and Ian, to look after the garden. The car will be taken care of by Craig in our absence; Craig being the local mechanic who kept our old Volvo running as well as it did until its recent replacement. So organisation and help there is plenty of.

Of all things, meal planning has taken on an extra dimension this weekend to make the best of the remaining fridge and freezer contents. And my sourdough starter has already been hibernated. Our weekend bread is, unusually therefore, a yeast-leavened sandwich loaf. It doesn't of course have the complexities and subtleties of flavour that our more usual soudoughs have, but it is jolly good for all that.

Kiviuq has also been getting a lot of attention of late as the Front Street Shipyard ready her for our return. This involves refreshing the anti-fouling paint under the waterline, greasing the Maxprop, buffing the zinc nodes and relaunching. And this year prep work has involved stripping and repainting the deck and cockpit with anti-skid. The old anti-skid, International's imaginatively named 'Deckpaint', has lasted since fitting-out, but increasingly large areas of deck paint had lifted or were showing signs of distancing themselves from the underlying alloy deck.

There is absolutely no doubt that aluminium alloy is an excellent choice for a hull and deck material, particularly for a boat that sails the remoter places, especially in temperate and higher latitudes. We know we made the right choice in this regard. All hull materials have their good and bad points. With aluminium alloy the good points are many. The bad point is its aversion to painted coatings. We of course knew this when we made our choice. It is the price paid for the multiple benefits of the material. So renewal of deck paint is just something one has to take on the chin every few years.

Now we look forward to seeing the newly smartened Kiviuq, back in her Belfast berth, in the coming week.

Lastly for now, I know I am not good at taking the time to get photographs for the blog gallery, but I am going to try harder. I have already uploaded the first image of the season! To see, go to the Photo Gallery link in the right column, choose an album and click on images to enlarge.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: In Map &Tracking above you can see where Kiviuq was located when we last reported a position to the blog. But please be aware that position reporting sometimes goes down. This can be due to a technical problem on board, to a problem with the satellite system or to a problem with the blog site. Therefore...... PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE EVENT THERE IS NO POSITION REPORTING THIS SHOULD NOT ON ITS OWN BE TAKEN AS AN INDICATION THAT KIVIUQ AND/OR HER CREW ARE IN DIFFICULTIES. Technical/electrical problems are by no means rare at sea in relatively small vessels.