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05 June 2010 | Green Turtle Cay
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15 July 2007 | Newport Marina, Jersey City, New Jersey

Keeping up with the Hatteras crowd

18 May 2008 | Mangrove Cay
Winds west 20-25
The Old Bahama Bay Marina at West End has nothing Old Bahama about it. The place was full of sport fishing boats and the associated big money crowd. I felt like they were going to discover I didn't belong there at any moment. They charged me $3.50/ft. plus $20.00 for water and while the facilities were nice - they weren't that great! I bought 10 gallons of fuel and a bag of ice on my way out of the place, and my bill for one night plus fuel and ice was almost $200.00. Who are the rich people who live like that?

Dane and Terry on North Star wanted to see more of the village and use the rental bikes at the marina, so they decided to stay one more night. I split the next day, even though it was a little worrisome going through the Indian Rock passage (shown above) all by myself with an outgoing tide and riding a string ingoing west wind. It was a little like the river rapids for a few minutes, but then it flattened out and I was on the banks.

I motored along with the wind behind me and while the chart shows the little picture of an anchor on the west side of round Mangrove Cay, clearly in this reverse wind, I needed to go to the other side. I slowly poked my way in assuming I would have the place all to myself. Before the night was over, I was joined by two big sportsfish boats, a couple of giant trawlers and a big cat - and they followed me around to the other side of the island. I went from being the pauper to the trailblazer!

Fair winds!
Vessel Name: Talespinner
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 33
Hailing Port: Fort Lauderdale
Crew: Christine Kling
About: Christine is the writes nautical fiction including the suspense novels featuring tug and salvage captain Seychelle Sullivan and the the Caribbean thriller, Circle of Bones. She cruises aboard OPB's (other People's Boats) and her own Caliber 33 Talespinner.
Christine has cruised the waters of the South Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic for over 35 years. She has been a charterboat cook, windsurfing instructor, crew, and homeschooling mom. Christine bought her own boat in 2005, and it has been her primary home ever since. Christine is fulfilling her [...]
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Who: Christine Kling
Port: Fort Lauderdale