Kormoran of Dart

and when she eventually gets to Cape Town, to be renamed......

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Closure.....for what its worth

13 January 2018 | cape town
Its been a while since posting anything. The dream had all but become....well lets say....terrifying !

The owners of the superyacht decided to sue for damages etc etc. Just a 'modest' amount of USD2m. Our insurance wasnt anywhere near enough !

Life was in limbo......

Fortunately the insurers legal beagle was a sailor, one who sailed Antigua week regularly. He knew what questions to ask, where to focus attention etc etc.

After almost 18 months, a settlement was reached. The dream was dead, but we could live again !!

The End !

15 April 2015 | cape town
As requested, a short ending to this tale.

We went over to see her - tickets etc had already been paid for !

Basically, she was scrapped. The damage was considered to be to sever to try and repair, and the quotes we received were ....well, lets just say...ludicrous !

Whether we will ever raise enough money to try again, what with the exchange rate and that the international boat prices are going up....I don't know.
Right now tho, we are focused on trying to recoup the lost retirement kitty.

In the meantime, we have 'downscaled' our sail boat/s - substantially !
The rugrat sails a Dabchick, and sometimes an RS Terra. The good wife sails a Laser, and I try get around on a GP14.

As for the dream, all that remains are memories.
Even in her sorry state, you could see her beauty. You could feel her strength. She had soul !
Walking away was difficult (and still is) !

It was ..... an interesting ride.


16 October 2014 | cape town
see pics "Hauled"

The End……?

16 October 2014 | cape town
Not going to go into a long story. Sorry, don't actually have the heart for it !

All was going well since last update. We were due to fly out 29/10 to take delivery. Tickets , accommodation, delivery crew....all paid.

Re-surveyed, submitted to SAMSA for registration.

Launched on 01/10. Motor alignment and other sundry stuff done. Due to start external varnishing on 13/10

And then soon to be or maybe was already tropical storm hurricane Gonzalo came. Tried calling and emailing the island on Sat or Sun but couldn't get thro. Monday, same. Followed the weather service sites and NHC.

The first bit of news came on 14/10. Only 1 pic came thro.
It was enough !

See pics 'Up2 Launch', and 'Fuck !'

About 20 boats lost around the island, either sunk, on the rocks, dropped etc.
Antiguan weather were predicting winds of 20 to 40 knots (I think ?). It reached 80+ at the airport, with talk of it reaching 100+ along the coast.

From what we can make out, KOD broke her lines, ploughed into the sea wall and super yacht next to her. The surveyor and shipwright are shocked that she is still floating, but cannot understand how / why the deck damage is so bad.
Currently being hauled.

Now its in the hands of the insurers.....and it seems we may loose.....big !

FUCK !!!!!

15 October 2014 | cape town
15 days to departure to take delivery
and then there was hurricane gonzalo

can't right now

devastated !

countdown....to late - it must happen now !

24 September 2014 | cape town
Humble apologies to anyone who actually reads this drivel. I know, I havent been a good chap and updated for.....a while.

Over the last few weeks, all hell has broken loose !
Some good, some.....well, not so good.

Bottom line is that the tickets and accommodation has been booked and paid for; and not just for us, for the delivery crew as well !
There is no turning back......but then again, thats what we thought for 2 years running now !
29 October, we fly out !

So what has actually been happening. Phew, hard to explain.

The shaft is in, prop on. The motor is in and connected up.
Ok, so there is an engine mount still 'loose', and the shaft had to be machined as it was a fraction of a mm to big. But its all in now.
It was decided to leave the prop rope stripper/cutter as there wasnt enough space on the shaft....and the one that would fit was extremely expensive.

We have decided that the portholes can wait until in Cape Town, so thats 'off the list' for now.
The cockpit lids / seats have been done, the pedestal installed. Gas installation should be finished by end of the week. The autopilot has been tested and works. The radar has also been tested and seems to work but may require tuning. Electrical installation, barring a few fittings / bulbs, all work. Manfred the magician also thinks they found the electrolysis issue - a generator that had its earth /neutral mixed up....or something.

We have always known that there was a problem with the windlass - the previous owner told us about it and even sent the gears that required replacing. thank heaven we didnt spend money doing that - the whole....'frikkin'...motor was missing ! So we have had to replace that.
Why cant things be simple !!! Thanks to the 13mm chain and size of unit required etc, we have had to get a super duper heavy duty and expensive item.....but as the surveyor said....we will be very happy for this, of the coast, in a very big storm !

The rudder has been faired and the bottom painted. Eventually settled on SeaJet anti fouling, simply because it is available in Antigua and SA !

The 12v invertor packed up / became suspect, so has been replaced...or at least purchased and is still to be fitted. The last 4 batteries have started not holding their charge, so that has also been replaced.

The water heater piping was found to be 'not suitable' so has been replaced. Frikkin hell, thats expensive stuff !

The depth transducer wasnt working when connected up. Not a 'biggie'....until Manfred tried to get it out and put a new one in. Cut a long story, the sleeves had to be ground away so that the new transducer could be fitted with its securing nuts. Manfred reckons the original was simply 'siliconed' in with the lock nut left off because they couldnt access to tighten it up !

The sails have been checked, and only the staysail has gone to the sailmakers for repair.

The delivery skipper asks wether the fridge is working etc and what capacity it is. The reply I got from Antigua was classic - its working fine, and holds about 20 six packs of beer !

The rigger has been and done his thing ! Not perfect, but nothing serious. Some items will have to be attended to over the next 5 years. Primary items that are being dealt with now are the nav light lenses, a few swages and split pins.

We have decided that the bowsprit and cockpit teak will be redone in Cape Town. For the trip over the cockpit teak has been 'patched up', while the bowsprit has been left as is for now.

Any sort of drogue couldnt be found amongst all the shite, so we ordered a new Jordon Series Drogue. F--- Me George, a small fortune !
And then they found a large Gale Rider !! Oh well, rather to much than to little.

The brand new Epirb that we couriered to Antigua, together with the windlass gear...cannot be found ! Mmmm, not an easy issue to deal with !

In amongst all of this, the surveyor takes his family on holiday to see his folks....and his house burns down....and then gets ransacked ! They cut the holiday short and try pick up their lives again....while obnoxious shites like me are screaming blue murder if we dont make the deadline !
And a week or so after he gets back.....he comes down with Chikungunya disease !

Manfred gets back from 2 weeks leave on the 26th....and he then has about 3 days to finish the engine mounts, the exhaust pipework and the battery installation.
That will leave the surveyor about 9 days to do his survey and the sea trails. I must have the survey report etc by latest 09 Oct, to submit to SAMSA.

As for SAMSA......what a surprise !
Mid Aug, I called to remind them that I was still awaiting a reply to the application to appoint the surveyor. I am told that it is in process, and I will have a reply by end Aug !
About the 3rd Sept I email, kindly reminding them of the discussion, and asking what the status is. The following day, I receive the surveyors appointment letter....and about an hour later, another mail with all of the required documents and instructions etc, for registration !
So I push my luck, and ask whether this means I can change the name now, and not when the boat gets to cape Town. 'Sure, we suggest you complete the forms and send them in so we can check the database in the meantime'......done, dusted, now just waiting for the survey before I do the final application....!
What a pleasant surprise !

One item that is still.....'under investigation'.....is the Inmarsat terminal.
As far as we know it switches on etc, but we dont know if it actually works yet. In addition, it seems that the pc has also 'dissapeared', so we cant actually test the damn thing.
Running a macbook, also complicates matters as we need to find the correct cables and connectors etc....and then we arnt even sure wther it would 'talk' to each other.
So i eventually get hold of our 'service provider', Craig Jennings from Shevon Holdings. Never met him or anyone else from the company, but what a helpful person.
"No problem, just get the unit switched on, and we can run a few tests. Once we have done that we can tell you what state its in, and if it works, we can get you a pc all preconfigured so its 'plug and play'. You could use a mac, but its preferable to use a pc that is then a dedicated shipboard unit"....or something like that, he says.
My only issue is we already have Sailmail, and he recommnends Easymail.That could mean a 'loss' of a few thousand ZAR....which hurts....but then again, its a hell of a lot cheaper than renting or replacing.....yep, go Craig !
Just need to co-ordinate the guys in Antigua and the Shevon gents so we can do the tests : )

2 weeks to survey, sea trails and report completion !
Lets see if they make it !!!

5 weeks to departure

Excited (and........scared) we are !!!!

For pics see 'finishing 1' and 'finishing 2'
Vessel Name: Kormoran of Dart
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