Life aboard in the NE And the work continues!

Now living aboard full time while I make repairs, refits, getting her ready for the long cruise.

09 December 2013 | Piers Marina Philadelphia
09 December 2013 | Piers Marina
25 November 2013 | Piers marina
22 November 2013 | Piers Marina Philadelphia
19 June 2013 | always Riverside, NJ
16 June 2013 | Riverside, NJ
15 June 2013 | Still in Riverside, Nj
18 May 2013 | Corsica River
22 February 2013
18 February 2013
11 February 2013 | Same!
05 February 2013 | Riverside, NJ
14 November 2012 | Still at Riverside NJ
16 October 2012 | Horta - Azores
04 October 2012 | Riverside NJ
02 October 2012 | Riverside NJ
24 September 2012 | Riverside, NJ

Shaping continues

22 February 2013
The shaping continues on the bowsprite, brought some thick plastic sheets from Ikea –actually placemats – took the profiles from the bow pulpit attachment legs and made a bunch of templates.
template for final shape, pretty damn close photo Bowshaping-2_zpsf872357d.jpg
After have done most of the major shaping with the electric planer, then used a sander to get the tight final shape.
sanding the final shape photo Bowshaping-4_zpsc87dcf77.jpg

Also this week I finally finished up my molded cockpit instrument panel, It was my second attempt, as the first one never separated from mold—not enough parting wax and no PVA. From now on, when I make my next mold –before I start to lay it up- definitely going to spray the mold with PVA. I think it turned out really great! Will have to wait until spring before I can install it, am very happy with the outcome. I’m made a gallery of photos of how I made it.
final shape photo InstrumentPanel-1_zps07367e88.jpg
Vessel Name: Kodachrome
Vessel Make/Model: Nassau 34
Crew: Roland
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Photos of the process of making my molded instrument panel for the cockpit
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From Rock Hall to Riverside our late fall trip
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