Life aboard in the NE And the work continues!

Now living aboard full time while I make repairs, refits, getting her ready for the long cruise.

09 December 2013 | Piers Marina Philadelphia
09 December 2013 | Piers Marina
25 November 2013 | Piers marina
22 November 2013 | Piers Marina Philadelphia
19 June 2013 | always Riverside, NJ
16 June 2013 | Riverside, NJ
15 June 2013 | Still in Riverside, Nj
18 May 2013 | Corsica River
22 February 2013
18 February 2013
11 February 2013 | Same!
05 February 2013 | Riverside, NJ
14 November 2012 | Still at Riverside NJ
16 October 2012 | Horta - Azores
04 October 2012 | Riverside NJ
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24 September 2012 | Riverside, NJ

Work toils on on the head..

22 November 2013 | Piers Marina Philadelphia
Decided to go with a composting/ drying head for when I brought my boat it had the holding tank in the aft port locker- long hose connected to the toilet that always clogged and filled up quickly.

Made mock ups of the C-head and Natures Head- both turned out to be too big for the space I had available in the head. So I decided to build my own, made the molds, but got side tracked doing other projects and getting the boat ready for the winter- as I am a full time liveaboard now.

Designed my own divertor, made a mold and finished laying it up last weekend in fiberglass. Totally have no idea if it will work smoothly, but the way I've designed my system I can always change it and make another one. It was my second attempt at mold/laying up fiberglass, not that hard!
Here's the mold..

 photo 49944333-5c0d-4af5-a4ea-bf93fbd4ef58.jpg

made up from different pieces of wood, glued together then multiple layers of primer, sanded and waxed.
Here's the finished divertor.

 photo e0988570-81bc-486b-837f-efee1ce2bf04.jpg

gel coated and ready for the next step.

Almost done making the body of the composting head, fiing a couple of dents - hopefully will lay it up over the holidays

 photo IMG_9302.jpg

Brought the pee tank and agitator from Natures head.

 photo IMG_9250.jpg

Hope that by Christmas it will all be done and installed. Be happy to help anyone who's interested in doing the same projected.
Vessel Name: Kodachrome
Vessel Make/Model: Nassau 34
Crew: Roland
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