Koeketiene on Tour

Going places - one day at a time

Engine woes

Starting the engine has been getting progressively more erratic over the last 4-5 months.
Could often take 3-4 tries before the engine turned over.
Originally, I suspected a dud starter battery.
But all the battery readings remained...

Random musings...

With the approach of Summer, you would expect more 'sailing days'.
But, fun fact: no.

Lately, we've been experiencing weather extremes - either too much wind, or no wind at all.
So when you get a forecast of W-NW 3 to 4 (gusting 5)...

Boat fettling day

1. Adjusted the Navtex electrical wiring.
2. Some TLC for the genoa cars. As I hadn't moved them in quite some time I had to be rather generous with the WD-40.
3. Changed Carly's steering line for a longer one. So I can now adjust the wind vane...

Things are looking up

Serviced the engine when we relaunched. The diesel pre-filter looked 'unhealthy'.

The thing every sailor dreads: diesel bug.

Luckily, help was nearby. An engineering shop in Benodet has a diesel polisher. So one day later, we're...

Many a true word is spoken in jest

Hauling out

Changing anodes and greasing the prop.
Pressure washed the hull.
Coppercoat seems to be doing well (now in its third year).
Some slime and mussels on the log, seacocks and prop shaft.
Will take the opportunity to carry out some...

Winter refit.

Last Thursday, I sailed - motored really - the boat over to Port La Foret.

It's where the windlass and new autopilot were going to be fitted.

And it would also be the perfect opportunity to scrub/clean/seal the teak deck. It looks...

Neque Deditionem

Second sail of 2023.

Hoisting and trimming sails without an electronic autopilot proved to be 'challenging'.
However, nothing is impossible if/when you really want it.

After some acrobatics (steering with one foot on the...

2023 - Mixed feelings

I'm struggling with mixed feelings right now.

On the plus side:
- first sail of the year: check
- pain free: check

On the minus side:
- the ageing Autohelm (which had been throwing the occasional wobbly...

Out with the old...

What is a man supposed to do these 'wasted days' between Christmas and New Year's Eve?

Fettle about on the boat and go sailing - that's what.
On Monday I added a NMEA2000 compatible electronic barometer to the boats network. And it works....