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Feeling blue

As the lack of recent content indicates, things have not gone well lately.

If it wasn't the weather remaining stubbornly uncooperative, it was various parts of my body reporting unfit for duty.
Back, knees and ribs being the main...

Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 4

Back home.

Smooth departure from Concarneau.
The hoped-for morning breeze did not materialise. Other than 45 minutes of drifting with sails up (at a stately 2kts) I had to rely on the iron mainsail most of the way.

For the...

Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 3

Leaving early paid dividends.
Nice breeze till about 09H30.

Then another two hours with the kite up and dolphins on the bow for about an hour.
By 11H00 the kite came down and I motor-sailed the last 12NM.
SOG of 1.2kts in...

Tacking stock

Uneventful (borderline boring) day today.

There was a change of scenery weather-wise. No longer wall to wall blue skies and 'scorchio' temperatures, but an overcast and muggy day. Only by late afternoon did normal service resume and the sun...

Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 2

If I were ever to write an autobiography, I think ‘This isn’t quite what I had in mind’ would be a good tittle.

Rose quite early (anything before 07:00 is early for a retired gentleman). Got croissants from the nearby bakery and prepared...

Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 1

Securely tied up in Port Louis 17:18 local time.
Today did not go as hoped for.

Very little wind in the morning (8-10 kts true – max) which disappeared completely after lunch. It took me 8H30 to cover the 36NM from Benodet to Port...

Take two

Working on 'Summer Cruise 2022 - Take 2'.
Current plan is to gently work my way down to La Rochelle early next week and see how the knee holds up.
If all goes well, cross to northern Spain (Gijon) and take it from there.

Baby steps

It feels like I'm learning to walk again - baby steps.

After my more adventurous day out on Wednesday, yesterday's day out was much more sedate.
The perfect little cruise.

All things considered, the knee's not doing too...


Interesting day out yesterday.
First time solo since my aborted Azores trip.
Forecast W-SW 15-18kts, gusting 22kts.
As soon as I made it to open sea, I was hit by 25kts and some swell.

Part of me thought: sod this, I'm...

Worse things happen at sea.

I was up at the crack of dawn. Hadn't slept well. Not for days. Still, the boat was ready and so was I.

The forecast for the next few days looked good (N-NW 3-5), but a direct passage to Madeira or the Azores looked unlikely. A depression...