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All great things have small beginnings

End of April.
The weather’s steadily been improving as demonstrated by the increased willingness of my nearest and dearest to come sailing with me.
However, others seem to have similar ideas. You can just about forget hoisting your mainsail on the river. Likewise at sea, room to manoeuvre can be limited at times or in places: lobster pots in fairway right by the river entrance are a pet peeve of mine.
Live and let live and all that, but people: still not a huge fan.

The new sails work quite well. Though I have found that the new jib does not really set all that well when partially furled. In future, I’d so sooner put a second reef in the main before I start furling the jib.
When TWS hits 18-20kts it is a good time to put in the first reef and when you get to 25kts TWS the main does need a second reef.
And, as always, reef early. It much easier to shake out a reef in calmer conditions than it is to put in a reef in lively seas.

Another observation from these last few weeks: Koeketiene’s performance to windward is quite good (impressive even) however in short steep seas she tends to burry herself in the waves. To say the foredeck can be wet at times would be an understatement.
At the moment, there is no bow roller/anchor or windlass. On my mental to-do list this is the next winter project. Whatever anchor set-up I eventually decide upon leaving the anchor on the bow roller at sea is not an option. Just imagine the damage it could do.

Some items need sorting in the next couple of weeks.
1. I need to arrange a haul-out so I can change the anodes and grease the prop. The bottom could do with a pressure wash too. Some bits of the Coppercoat might need abrading.
2. Finally fit the solar panel. I have been informed that technical assistance (in the shape of my youngest) could be round soon. So, there’s no longer an excuse to keep putting that off.

And last, but not least, I need to start planning the Summer cruise in earnest. Itinerary, navigation, pilotage, …
May might turn out to a busy month.

People who ask ‘what do you do all day now that you’re retired?’ obviously don’t go sailing.