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Life has a cruel sense of humour

We are rapidly approaching the third week of enforced inactivity. An inauspicious start to my sailing season.

I may have said this before, but the engine has always been the part of any of my boats causing me the most problems. Avid readers of the blog may remember the engine water pump needing attention in Cherbourg last year. That same part is acting up again.

I took the pump apart and replaced the impellor, but no joy. I suspect the root cause of the problem to be the drive belt. There’s a lot of play in it. I tried fiddling about with it and tensioning it but I can never get my ‘repairs’ to hold for longer than 10-15 minutes. Which is somewhat ‘inconvenient’ to say the least. I carry loads of spares but not a spare drive belt for the engine water pump.
I ordered a replacement drive belt, but upon receipt, I found myself unable to replace it. It quickly became apparent I lacked some of the necessary tools (and quite possibly knowledge) to do the repair myself. The water pump seal might also warrant a closer look.
I feel I have taken this as fair as I can and in need of professional assistance. However, all local shipyards are (or claim to be) inundated with work. As I write this, I have been assured that someone will be round to the boat coming Tuesday.

On the assumption that I’ll be ready for sea on Tuesday, I have booked a haul-out on Thursday. Just so I can change the anodes, antifoul the log propeller and reactivate the Coppercoat. Something the Dutch yard that applied the Coppercoat failed to do. Relaunch booked for HW Friday. The minor yard work I had initially planned to carry out late June, early July has now been moved to either late August – early September or the Winter layup.

In two weeks’ time, my Chief Engineer (son) will be over for a week or so. Looking forward to some family sailing then. In addition, it will be the perfect time to, at long last, complete the installation of the solar panel.

Afterwards, there might be a two-week window for a Biscay crossing in the first two weeks of July. The weather will be the deciding factor. Two important considerations: 1. I want to be able to sail over (and back) and 2. It is imperative I am back by July 14th. The last two weeks of July will only be suitable for daysailing in local waters as I have various medical appointments lined up in those two weeks.

So, that’s it for now. Hopefully I will have better news for you next time.