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Going places - one day at a time

Back on track.

Just a quick update.

Last week has been quite busy/hectic, but in a good way.
The engine is fully functional again since Tuesday last week. Still a bit disappointed to have lost almost 3 weeks of sailing because the local shipyard could not spare an hour and a half to help me out. However, it is what it is and it’s no use crying over spilt milk.

In addition, had the boat hauled in a neighbouring port last Thursday/Friday. Just enough time to change the anodes, grease the prop and to reactivate the Coppercoat where needed. Also applied some antifoul specifically designed for through-hull instruments such as the log and echosounder. We’ll see how that works out.


The small bits of yard work I had in mind have been postponed until September. I cannot afford to ‘waste’ any more valuable sailing time. This meant sailing in some quite unseasonal weather, but a bad day afloat is still far better than a good day ashore. They don’t make Summers like the used to.

Currently, my son is visiting for a week or so and he has someone in tow who is applying to fill the daughter-in-law vacancy. A couple of days out sailing with family are on the cards.

Plans for the immediate future are in a state of flux and largely weather dependent. Also throwing a spanner in the works are two important medical appointments I cannot afford to miss in the second half of July. Therefore, the Biscay crossing (if it happens) is unlikely to take place before early August.
Going forward, we’ll take every day as it comes and try to make the most of it.