Koeketiene on Tour

Going places - one day at a time


Interesting day out yesterday.
First time solo since my aborted Azores trip.
Forecast W-SW 15-18kts, gusting 22kts.
As soon as I made it to open sea, I was hit by 25kts and some swell.

Part of me thought: sod this, I'm heading back.
A slightly larger part thought: it's just one of those gusts and I don't want to make turning back a habit.
So, for better or for worse....
For the rest of the trip the wind didn't drop below 25kts.

When I gybed to head NE (to pass south of Les Moutons) things got 'interesting' very quickly.
The wind picked up a lot. I decided to quickly reduce sail.
Just in time too.

Wind AWA red 135 - TWS 37kts
Going with tide
Surfing down 5-6m 🌊
2 reefs in the main
1/3 jib furled away
Keeping the boat from rolling over became a real struggle.
For the briefest of moments, Koeketiene attained 'frigate speed'.
Thought it would be a nice opportunity to rebuild my confidence.
But, fun fact: no.
I nearly shat my pants.

On the bright side: nothing broke and no-one died.
Whatever doesn't kill you...