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Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 1

Securely tied up in Port Louis 17:18 local time.
Today did not go as hoped for.

Very little wind in the morning (8-10 kts true – max) which disappeared completely after lunch. It took me 8H30 to cover the 36NM from Benodet to Port Louis. Six hours of which I motored.

The wind did pick up again around 16:30 – by which time had taken all the sails downs as I was preoccupied with fenders, warps, etc…

Port Louis itself packed to the rafters, however the friendly and helpful marina staff did escort me to what seemed like the last vacant berth in the place, and they took my lines.
Fiver star Google review to follow.

When I returned from the HM office, I was somewhat surprised to find the boat surrounded by the local Jean Le Cam look-alike and his followers. They were taking a keen interest in my Windpilot Pacific. It transpired that Jean Le Cam Mk II had bought a Windpilot on Le Bon Coin (French eBay equivalent) and wanted to see how it was fitted and to learn about my experience with Carly.

Afterwards, I was invited to take a look aboard his boat and some alcohol may have been consumed. I also benefitted from a lecture on the subject of local weather patterns this time of year and the safety of local harbours and anchorages.
Time well spent.

It seems that most of this week I can expect to see a similar weather pattern as today. Light/moderate winds in the morning and bugger all in the afternoon. I can see a great many early morning starts in my near future.

Heading for Belle Ile in the morning. As it’s only a 25NM passage, I hope to make it there by (or shortly after) lunchtime.

So far, the knee’s holding up fine though I suspect the alcohol might be numbing the pain somewhat.

Onwards and upwards.