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Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 2

If I were ever to write an autobiography, I think ‘This isn’t quite what I had in mind’ would be a good tittle.

Rose quite early (anything before 07:00 is early for a retired gentleman). Got croissants from the nearby bakery and prepared the boat to go to sea. Destination Belle Ile.

Top tip for the day: when you want to leave your berth, ensure ALL mooring warps are untied. I made a quick recovery but the oversight somewhat took the shine off an otherwise flawlessly executed manoeuvre.

As I headed out, port control announced on VHF that the main shipping channel had to be kept clear for a warship leaving port. So, I made sure that I kept well clear – don’t want to upset the grey funnel line.
As I headed out keeping clear of the fairway, a catamaran passenger ferry came up fast behind me and decided my 5kst SOG wasn’t quite fast enough, and it decided to overtake me. So, I had a French destroyer on my port side and a small ferry on my starboard side – both proceeding at a rate of knots (with a wake to match).

I was busy securing warps and fenders amidships when both wakes hit me. Bobbed about a lot and then I noticed that the ferry wake was pushing me dangerously close to a lateral channel mark. Next followed a Keystone Cops moment as I hurried aft to steer the boat away from the lateral marker buoy.
As I did so, I tripped over my tether and fell – hitting my head on a winch (just above my right eye). Instant splitting headache, but I managed to grab the tiller and to steer clear of danger.

Battered and bruised it quickly became apparent that I was in no fit condition to proceed. I quickly assessed my options: I could either return to Port Louis (2.5NM away) or continue on to Port Tudy (3NM away). As I wanted to avoid the busy Lorient approaches, I opted to proceed to Port Tudy.

45 minutes later I was safely tied up alongside. Secured all lines and fenders and then overdosed on painkillers. My right eye a rather fitting shade of turquois. Despite those, it felt like I had been hung, drawn and quartered.

Just another day in the life of Hop-Along Catastrophe. I must find a less painful (and cheaper) way to kill myself.

Anyway, I decide to stay here till Friday to give my battered and bruised body some time to recover. I will re-evaluate my options then – taking into account the weather and how I feel.

The rest of the day was uneventful: a small walk around the harbour and a shower and that was about it. Apart from that not much happened, I slept most of the afternoon.

When I woke, I wasn’t sure what day it was or even where I was. This convinced me that deciding to stay put tomorrow was a smart move.

Plan for tomorrow: sleep in and maybe do a bit of sightseeing (this being my first visit to Groix).