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Tacking stock

Uneventful (borderline boring) day today.

There was a change of scenery weather-wise. No longer wall to wall blue skies and 'scorchio' temperatures, but an overcast and muggy day. Only by late afternoon did normal service resume and the sun reappeared.

This morning I went for a walk to explore the island for a bit and to find somewhere to eat tonight. The island has an atmosphere all of its own. Closest I can come to is Alderney. Small, quirky and somewhat behind the times (not always a bad thing). I'm definitely coming back here, though preferably not alone.

Trying to book a restaurant table proved to be impossible. It seems no-one is interested in 'a table for one'. 'A table for one': surely the saddest phrase in any language. Unless I wanted another night of canned culinary delights, this meant I would have to go shopping. Trip back to the boat to get my wallet and shopping bag and back to the supermarket...

I did find something simple to prepare and edible. But all the marching up and down the hill played havoc with my knee. Like yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon flat on my back to recover.

There have been loads of times in my life where being strong headed and willful have been to my advantage, but I get the feeling that right now this is not the case. I need to slow down and take time to fully recover to avoid making things even worse in the future.

The weather has also been on my mind a lot lately. The pattern seems well established: NE F2-3 in the morning (till about 11-12H) then nothing until about 17H when we get a NW F2-3. If I were to press on this would entail A LOT of motoring. And to what purpose?

Considering the weather and the fact that the boat is not really the ideal place to rest a knee (not to mention the occasional splitting headaches following my close encounter with the starboard winch) I have reluctantly decided to point the boat towards home in the morning.
The plan is to sail early in the morning and head for Concarneau. It would be nice to get some sailing in at last rather than just having to burn diesel.

When home I plan to really give the knee the time it needs to fully recover and, fingers crossed, plan maybe another mini-cruise in a couple of weeks (I already have something in mind).

Somewhat disappointed with the way things have turned out, but it is what it is. I think I am going to make 'Reculer pour mieux sauter' my new motto.