Koeketiene on Tour

Going places - one day at a time

Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 4

Back home.

Smooth departure from Concarneau.
The hoped-for morning breeze did not materialise. Other than 45 minutes of drifting with sails up (at a stately 2kts) I had to rely on the iron mainsail most of the way.

For the briefest of moments I contemplated getting the kite up, but the knee decided against it.

Picked up my mooring without much ado and set about tidying the boat. About an hour later I was ‘rescued’ by Super Wife.

On our way back to the dinghy pontoon we came across a drifting tend. Boat name was clearly marked and seemed familiar – a boat further downriver from us. Five minutes later it was back with its relieved and grateful owner.

Back home I received much affection from the canine welcoming committee.

Now in my sofa, and I don’t intend to move any time soon.