Koeketiene on Tour

Going places - one day at a time

Feeling blue

Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 4

Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 3

Tacking stock

Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 2

Summer Cruise - take 2 - day 1

Take two

Baby steps


Worse things happen at sea.

The Night Before

Final preparations

Looking back... Looking ahead...

The drone: take 2

A first...

Brass monkeys

A bit of a breeze

Out with the old, in with the new

It never rains but it pours

BOAT: break out another thousand


On the hard

Line honours

Summer Cruise 2021: Day 3

Summer Cruise 2021: Port Louis

Summer Cruise 2021: Day 2

Summer Cruise 2021: Quiberon

Summer Cruise 2021: Day 1

Summer Cruise 2021: The Night Before

Let there be solar

Waiting for Godot

Back on track

Life has a cruel sense of humour

A man with a plan

All great things have small beginnings

Covid, lockdown and sailing

Oh happy day

Baby steps

Swings and roundabouts

Winter sailing

The new year

Winter chores


Mooring check

All the bits




Things are getting autumnal

Onwards and upwards

Fixed - sort of ...


Getting to know her

Staying local

Just another day ...


First outing

Delivery cruise: Day 10

Delivery cruise: Day 9

Delivery cruise: Day 8

Delivery cruise: Day 7

To boldly break down ...

Delivery cruise: Day 6

Delivery cruise: Day 5

Delivery cruise: Day 4

Delivery cruise: Day 3

Delivery cruise: Day 1 & 2

All is well.

Getting busy with it.

Launch day.

Registration (and delays).

A boat and a beer.


Habemus naviculam.

The story starts with… an ending.