Koeketiene on Tour

Going places - one day at a time

Winter chores

Slavery gets shit done.

Whilst he was here, I made Number 2 child earn his keep.
I had a sizeable to-do list prepared.
Over a couple of days, we managed to complete all but one of the jobs.

1. Finally sorted the...


Alongside in Bénodet for the holidays.
And whilst I have him here, I might as well put him to good use for some electrical/electronic upgrades.

Mooring check

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but you would have to be pretty mean-spirited to say that this isn't a thing of beauty.

All the bits

Someone is going to be busy over X-Mas. ūüėĀ
Finally got all the bits.
New batteries, solar panel, battery monitor, DVSR and to top it off more B&G Triton instruments.


Afternoon out.
Lessons learned today:
1. Running the Ebespracher causes the autopilot to trip.
Battery can not handle the power draw.
Hope the new batteries arrive soon.
2. Going sailing with bruised ribs was not exactly my...



Lockdown has been partially lifted.
You can 'exercise' in open air, but you must remain with 20 km of your home and can not be outdoors for longer than 3 hours.
Give me an inch,...


France to go in Corona/Covid lockdown as from tomorrow.
No sailing till probably December 1st.

In the mean time:
- the analysis of gearbox oil is back. And it's all good news: green across the board.
- new main and genoa...

Things are getting autumnal

Things got rather interesting this afternoon.

Minutes after the rain shower hit me, out of nowhere, I was hit by torrential rain and 25 kts over deck. No time to put in a reef, but the boat coped very well.
This lasted for all of 10...

Onwards and upwards

After a couple of days away in Belgium helping my youngest navigate the Belgian civil service admin maze, I took the boat out for a sail yesterday.

Another solo trip as my better half was busy earning a crust working from home.
I do enjoy...

Fixed - sort of ...

Only one day of sailing this past week, but it's been an altogether busy week.

To absolutely no-one's surprise, the duct tape fix of the mainsail did not hold.
Removed the mainsail from the boat on Wednesday and took it a local sail loft...