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29 March 2018 | Annapolis, Maryland
24 March 2018 | Stringray Point Marina, Deltaville, Virginia
11 February 2018
04 February 2018 | Tacoma, Wa
06 November 2017 | Tacoma, Washington
05 November 2017 | I-84 Baker City, Oregon
05 November 2017 | I-84 Baker City, Oregon
03 November 2017 | Wyoming
01 November 2017 | Stingray Point Marina, Virginia
29 October 2017 | Solomons Island, MD
26 October 2017 | Annapolis, Maryland
17 October 2017
15 October 2017 | Annapolis, Maryland
12 October 2017 | Annapolis, Maryland
08 October 2017 | Back Creek, Annapolis
07 October 2017 | Back Creek, Annapolis
24 September 2017 | Back Creek, Annapolis
20 September 2017
13 September 2017
10 September 2017 | Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis Boat Show

24 September 2017 | Back Creek, Annapolis
Becky/90 degrees, sunny and hot
Denny and I are working at the Annapolis Boat Show. Denny's job is to build all of the docks in one location, then the water crew move all the docks into the above waterway a couple days before the the show starts on October 5-9. This is the sailboat show. Then all of the boats come in and tie up to the docks. And then all of the vendors come in and set up. I'm working in the office and typing all of the vendors name badges and their employee's. There are over 800 vendors and anywhere from 3-20 employees. So I've been typing many name badges over the last few weeks.

Then when the sailboat show is over, all of the sailboats leave which is a big production and there is a "change over" party to watch the beginning of Denny and the water crew to change the docks for all the power boats. They only have a couple days to do this. The power boat show starts October 12. Then when the show is over all of the docks have to be disassembled and stored for the winter.

Denny is working hard in 86 degree weather, doing a lot of grunt work. He tells me he is one of the younger guys. Many of the workers are retired and want something to do for a couple months. He is enjoying himself, but is sore and eating much ibuprofen.

Me, I'm in a air conditioned office with the owner and 6 other employees. The group of women are very nice, friendly and helpful.

We are anchored in Back Creek right in front of the boat show office. It is about a 2 minute commute by dingy for me. Can't get any better than that!

Life is good on Kokomo!

Vessel Name: Kokomo
Vessel Make/Model: Sabre 425
Hailing Port: Tacoma, Washington
Crew: Denny & Becky Flannigan
After ten years of planning a trip around the world, we have given up our life on land to head to bluer pastures with the hopes of staying young as long as possible. Our mission is to have fun while moving about the earth. [...]
Extra: We have two boys and two grandson's and several friends and family of all ages. Our hope is that those we know will decide to spend some time with us. Life is enjoyed most when you share it with those your closest to.
Home Page: http://www.kokomosailing.com/
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Here we are in Florida with our CYCT friends
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Denny & Becky in the Bahamas

Who: Denny & Becky Flannigan
Port: Tacoma, Washington

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