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06 February 2017 | Staniel Cay, Bahamas
04 February 2017 | Staniel Cay, Bahamas
03 February 2017 | Staniel Cay, Bahamas
31 January 2017 | Staniel Cay, Bahamas
25 January 2017 | New Providence Island, Bahamas
24 January 2017 | Nicks place Bahamas
22 January 2017 | New Providence Island, Bahamas
21 January 2017 | Nassau, Bahamas
19 January 2017 | Passing North Cat Cays, North Atlantic Ocean
18 January 2017 | Key West, Florida
16 January 2017 | Punta Gorda, Florida
14 January 2017 | Punt Gorda, Florida
07 January 2017 | Punts Gorda, Florida
04 January 2017 | El Paso, Texas
20 December 2016 | Tacoma, Washington
14 December 2016
13 December 2016 | Punta Gorda, Florida
06 December 2016 | Key West Florida
04 December 2016 | Key West, Florida
28 November 2016 | Belize City

Go Army

29 March 2018 | Annapolis, Maryland
Becky/68 degrees mostly sunny
Our son Drew (one in the middle) has been gone over a month from home on a training mission. As a child he always did love to play in the mud!

Denny and I are back at work! We both were warmly welcomed back and are enjoying working hard. The weather today is suppose to get to 68 degrees! Kokomo is loving the warmer weather. I scrubbed the inside from top to bottom, cleaned cabinets, vacuumed and wiped down all the wood. It looks and smells so much better!

Life is good on Kokomo!


Oh Kokomo

24 March 2018 | Stringray Point Marina, Deltaville, Virginia
Becky/30 degrees
Our boat does not like to be left alone and, we are learning how mad Kokomo is. We splashed yesterday and tried to start the motor but found our battery bank was dead. Denny bought a small battery, hooked it up and she started right up. But when we looked in back to see if there was water coming out of the exhaust, there was not. Off with the motor and Denny started investigating. After a couple hours found the problem, started up again and it was fixed.

Being on the hard, the bilge pump was turned off, but the bilge was full of rain water. So I worked on draining it while Denny worked on the motor.

Denny tried to start the watermaker but found the filter cracked in the freeze. Guess we will be buying water for awhile.

Denny left early this morning from Deltaville, heading to Annapolis. It was 30 degrees with 20 knots of wind heading straight into the wind. He was feeling seasick but managed to get through it until he turned and it was much calmer. There is a small craft warning starting tonight, so instead of stopping in Solomon, he will continue all the way to Annapolis anchoring in the dark around 10 pm.

I really think Kokomo likes warmer weather and I'm sure once we really settle in, we will find more problems, but for now......

Life is good on Kokomo!


Randy's Obituary

11 February 2018
You can read it below or go to the following website:


Randy Flannigan Passed away peacefully at home with his family by his side on Feb. 3, 2018. He was born in Tacoma, WA, April 19, 1941, and raised in Browns Point. As a young man he enjoyed playing the guitar, camping and entertaining everyone with his quick wit and sense of humor, and this stayed with him till the very end of his life. He enjoyed a successful career as a commercial realtor at Flannigan-Ewing Real Estate. Randy was passionate and had a love for fishing, boating, reading, golfing, and telling jokes. He liked to think of himself as a funny guy and I'm sure all would agree that this was true of him. He served on the board for" Relay For Life" from its inception, with a generous heart and spirit. He coined the phrase "the relay has a heartbeat of its own". This line has remained with the American Cancer Society to this day. Serving on the board also brought a new beginning to his life, as he met and married Rose. Randy is survived by many who loved and admired him: his wife Rose and his step-son Jesse Martin, (Kanoelani) his first wife Joanne Selden, children Denny (Becky), Rich, Michael (Allison), grandchildren D.W., Drew, Conor, Owen, Christian, Kaeje, great grandchildren Leander, James and Jackson, brother Dennis (Jayasri) and many nieces, nephews and cousins. Randy is preceded in death by his parents James and Anne, his siblings James, Dick and Theresa. Celebration of Randy's life will be held at Kilworth Chapel at the University of Puget Sound (3410 N. 18th St., Tacoma, WA 98416) on Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018 at 5:00 PM. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Franciscan Hospice or Habitat for Humanity.

Rest in peace Randy

04 February 2018 | Tacoma, Wa
Denny's dad (Randy) passed away last night in his sleep with family around him.

While we were in the San Blas Islands two years ago, Randy & Rose came to the boat for a visit. During this time Denny dedicated a song for his dad. Below is the video.

Randy was one in a million and will be very much missed!

Home Sweet Home

06 November 2017 | Tacoma, Washington
Becky/50 degrees, sunny
We made it to Tacoma yesterday afternoon. It was a long day driving, especially over the Blue Mountain Summit, that was white nuckle driving!

The photo was taken this morning at our friends Mike & Karen's home, what a beautiful morning!

Heading to Denny's mom's house.

Enjoying family & friends,


05 November 2017 | I-84 Baker City, Oregon
Becky/27ndegrees, snow on the ground
We had such a nice visit with our friends Steve and Rena in Salt Lake City. At 5 am we pulled out of their driveway. Just as we entered Oregon it started to snow. So we looked up the weather for Snoqualmie pass and it's not good, chains are required, which we don't have. So we are dropping down towards Portland and heading for I-5. Just a short delay to Tacoma.

Driving safe!


Bad Weather

05 November 2017 | I-84 Baker City, Oregon
Becky/27 degrees, snow on the ground
We had such a nice visit with our friends Steve and Rena in Salt Lake City. At 5 am we pulled out of their driveway. Just as we entered Oregon it started to snow. So we looked up the weather for Snoqualmie pass and it's not good.mchains are required, which we don't have. So we are dropping down towards Portland and heading for I-5. Just a short delay to Tacoma.

Driving safe!


Beautiful Drive

03 November 2017 | Wyoming
Becky/60 degrees, cloudy
At least parts of our drive is beautiful. Love the color of the trees!

We will be at our friends in Salt Lake City tonight.


Good-bye Kokomo

01 November 2017 | Stingray Point Marina, Virginia
Becky/70 degrees, cloudy, no rain
We have owned Kokomo for 14 years. This is the first time we have winterized the boat. We filled Kokomo up with 9 gallons of antifreeze. We were told instead of antifreeze in the water maker and water tanks to fill it up with vodka. Denny gave it some hard thought, but seeing that is my choice of drink he thought I might not ever get off the boat! Now let's think about it though, if it was rum instead, Denny would have been in!

Enjoying our drive across this beautiful country!


Fall Weather

29 October 2017 | Solomons Island, MD
Denny/65 degrees, cold
Yesterday we left Annapolis for Deltaville, VA. We spent a long day pounding to weather in the rain before arriving in Solomons Island. Winds were 15 to 20kts with gust to plus 30kts at times. We have decided to stay in Solomons Island until Tuesday before finishing our trip to Deltaville. Happily tie to a dock and heading to a bar to watch the Seahawks.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Denny's Shoes

26 October 2017 | Annapolis, Maryland
Becky/54 degrees, sunny
Before we started working the boat show, the only pair of shoes Denny owned were sandals. So he went to Macy's and bought a pair of work shoes. He put a lot of hours on these shoes, from climbing ladders, jumping onto docks and running here and there. He is proud to say, he wore out a new pair of shoes in 8 weeks!

We have had a great week entertaining on our boat and being entertained on other's boats and homes. We will be leaving Annapolis on Saturday for Deltaville and putting Kokomo on the hard. Then we will be driving back to Tacoma for the winter and staying with Denny's mom. Returning to the boat in the spring to work the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show. Yes, you guessed it, we are hooked!

Life is good on Kokomo!


Boat Show Ready

17 October 2017
A friend took this photo.

Looks like we will be here until the end of the month.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Family and Friends in Annapolis

15 October 2017 | Annapolis, Maryland
Becky/70 degrees and cloudy
Today is the last day of the Power Boat Show. I had it off, but Denny had to start work at 3 pm. He is part of the break-down crew and will work into the late hours of the night.

But the best part of today was, we had Denny's brother Michael & family and Steve Otto & family and Doug Clapp & family. Eight adults and 5 kids walked around the boat show with us and we had a blast looking and climbing on beautiful and expensive million dollar boats. It was a lot of fun. The above boat we were testing out for Michael to see if we all fit, and we did. I think a boat like this is in his near future!

Next to the show was this GMC 550 truck. I've never seen a truck like this before and thought of our son who just purchased a 450 truck.

Life is good on Kokomo!


Annapolis Power Boat Show

12 October 2017 | Annapolis, Maryland
Becky/66 degrees, cloudy and some rain
Today was the first day of the power show. This show is the biggest it has ever been! Lots of beautiful and expensive boats Denny and I love to look at. Taking in and enjoying all of the show for the next four days!

Life is good on Kokomo!


Last Night

08 October 2017 | Back Creek, Annapolis
Becky/86 degrees, cloudy, hot & humid
This was taken last night. It as a beautiful day and evening at the boat show. We are working very hard and having so much fun!

Life is good on Kokomo!

Vessel Name: Kokomo
Vessel Make/Model: Sabre 425
Hailing Port: Tacoma, Washington
Crew: Denny & Becky Flannigan
After ten years of planning a trip around the world, we have given up our life on land to head to bluer pastures with the hopes of staying young as long as possible. Our mission is to have fun while moving about the earth. [...]
Extra: We have two boys and two grandson's and several friends and family of all ages. Our hope is that those we know will decide to spend some time with us. Life is enjoyed most when you share it with those your closest to.
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