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Great Lakes to The Bahamas

Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson
05 November 2009 | Deltaville, VA
16 October 2009 | Deltaville, VA
26 May 2009 | Deltaville
25 May 2009 | Deltaville
24 May 2009 | Fishing Bay (N37*32.418 W76*20.203) to Deltaville
23 May 2009 | Great Bridge VA (N36*43.285 W76*14.508) to Fishing Bay VA (N37*32.418 W76*20.203)
22 May 2009 | Buck Island, NC (N36*16.034 W75*57.520) to Great BridgeVA (N36*43.285 W76*14.508)
21 May 2009 | The Alligator River Bridge, NC (N35*53.847 W76*02.024) to Buck Island, NC (N36*16.034 W75*57.520)
20 May 2009 | Alligator River Bridge, NC
19 May 2009 | Alligator River Swing Bridge, NC
17 May 2009 | The Pungo River, NC (N35*33.715 W76*28.557) to Alligator Swing Bridge, NC (N35*53.874 W76*02.024)
16 May 2009 | Eastham Creek Anchorage NC (N35*17.680 W76*36.514) to The Pungo River, NC (N35*33.715 W76*28.557)
15 May 2009 | Town Creek Marina, Beaufort NC (N34*43.519 W76*39.898) to Eastham Creek, NC (N35*17.680 W76*36.514)
14 May 2009 | Town Creek Marina, Beaufort, NC
13 May 2009 | Taylor Creek, Beaufort, NC (34*42.860 76*39.831) to Town Creek Marina, Beaufort, NC
12 May 2009 | Mile Hammock Bay (N34*33.163 W77*19.528) SM#244.5 to Taylor Creek, Beaufort, NC (34*42.860 76*39.831)
11 May 2009 | Wrightsville Beach NC (N34*12.441 W77*47.965) SM#283.2 to Mile Hammock Bay (N34*33.163 W77*19.528) SM#244.5
10 May 2009 | Shallottes Inlet, NC (N33*54.913)SM330 to Wrightsville Beach Anchorage (N34*12.447 W77*47.953)
09 May 2009 | Bull Creek, SC (N33 36.667 W79 06.228) to Shallottes Inlet, NC (N33*54.913)

In to West End our last port in the Bahamas

29 April 2009 | Mangrove Cay, Little Bahamas Bank to West End Grand Bahama
Scattered showers, 80* winds E25
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It saddens me to think that this was our last morning at anchorage in the Bahamas on this trip. Tonight we'll be in a marina at West End, Grand Bahamas Island, getting ready to cross back over to the U.S. The skies are darkening, as we get ready to depart. More later.

Dennis & Brian are still here at Old Bahamas Bay, West End. We saw their boat at anchor outside the harbor as we entered. The winds were really strong and pushing us onto the fuel dock as we came in. Heck we didn't need any lines to tie up to the dock really. Getting back off was not fun... I remember another fuel dock under a similar situation and didn't much want to try my hand at it with rocks right off our stern. I let Wayne try and maneuver us off this time to bring us off the fuel dock and into our slip. He had no luck. The marina called for reinforcements and it was full throttle forward with one hand holding our bowline so we could get the back of the boat off the dock, then full reverse hard to get away and try and get into the assigned slip. The currents and wind had other ideas though, and one of the dockhands was on board with us (we were using his leg muscles to push off too). We ended up going to another slip because we couldn't maneuver between a large cat with the winds and currents on one side and the cat on the other. We came in too fast taking out their fire extinguisher (how embarrassing).

All while this was going on, a couple of fishermen were trying to sell us lobster and said they'd make us a good deal and throw in some conch to boot; Now was not the time to argue that lobster is now out of season... I told them that we were a bit busy and to maybe come back tomorrow... After we got docked we heard one of the dockhands saying that maybe they should close the fuel dock until the winds died down... Now they tell us...

So we crunch their fuel dock, can't get off it, come in to our slip, take out their fire extinguisher on the dock, and are by now stressed... and I thought it would be easier on my stress level having Wayne bring us in.

Definite Gin and Tonic night - this time with olives... Can anyone say - martini, extra dry please? On the good side - I have internet access so am busily uploading my pictures that I couldn't last time I uploaded my blog...

I also heard from Carrie (hi Carrie!) and got an email from Chris and Marie (Spirit). It sounds like they had one heck of a crossing back to the states. I'm so glad they made it in one piece - it was not a gentle crossing at all with 12 foot seas... Marie and Chris - sending you a large heartfelt hug!

According to Dennis (Blue Max) this is the place where John Travolta had a condo and his son died (Old Bahamas Bay). It sounds like it was a tragic event. I hope they can find peace with what happened, and mourn privately. The place isn't all that crowded but more boats keep coming in. A 120-foot Mega Yacht (Bella Brie) is coming in now and churning up the path as it comes in. It's kind of an upscale place (a little expensive for our taste) and the minimum length they allow is 40 ft, so even though we're 36 ft, we have to pay for a 40 ft slip. I wonder if they'll charge us for taking out part of their docking system... hmmmm....

Weather permitting, we'll head out to cross Friday. Now, time to relaxxxxxx....
Vessel Name: Kolibrie
Vessel Make/Model: Bayfield 36
Hailing Port: Jackson
Crew: Wayne & Pat
About: Back in Michigan for Hurricane Season 2009...
Extra: Our boat is a Bayfield 36. Not the fastest little thing, but a nice little cruiser that we like to call home.
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Great Lakes to The Bahamas

Who: Wayne & Pat
Port: Jackson