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19 February 2011
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06 February 2011
06 February 2011
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01 February 2011

Learning how to post!

06 February 2011
I have been working on this for so many hours my eyes are startting to cross! This is my 6th time typing a post and submitting it. Most of them look and sound stupid when I go to the webpage and look at them. I am getting better and can at least post and not forget where it went...!

First things first! There are so many choices out there for webpages, it's so confusing. Most of them seem hard for my feeble brain. This one seems ok for me.
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 40 LRC
Hailing Port: Seattle, Washignton, USA
Crew: Kathi, Kevin, TMan, Abbey & Big Schu
About: We are a family of 5, including 2 dogs. This is the story of 6 years of hard work and tears getting our beloved KTooT ready for her offshore voyage. Tag along as we take you through the ups and downs of this incredible journey!
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Created 19 February 2011

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Who: Kathi, Kevin, TMan, Abbey & Big Schu
Port: Seattle, Washignton, USA