Sailing with Kuaka

Less then 1000 milles

Hello to everyone

Having less then 1000 miles to go feels good. At our courant averages we should take less then 8-10 days to arrive at Nuku Hiva if all
goes well.

Moving well

All is well on board Kuaka this morning. The trade wind are blowing nicely in the right direction and Kuaka is sailing nicely at 5 to 6 knots
toward Nuku Hiva.

Another just over 1000 nautical miles to go (1852 km). We are not...

Progress, progress

Hello to all

All is well on board Kuaka. The trade winds are blowing steadily and moving us surely toward Nuku Hiva. We have been trying to fish
but so far no even a bite so patience may pay soon.

Moving along nicely in the trade winds

All is well on board Kuaka this morning. The trade wind is blowing and the moral is good on board Kuaka. We hope all our familllies and
friends are well and not affected too much or not at all with this viral madness.

Change of destination

In view of the rather viral outside situation we have decided it will be better to be in the Marquises rather than in the Gambier. Time will
tell if this is a good choice!

Forging ahead

All is well on board. Nice trade wind weather for the last few days. Making reasonable progress toward the Gambier.

Trade wind weather

All is well on board. Nice sailing in the trade wind.

Last night we passed the midway point between Panama and the Gambier after 15 1/2 days at sea.

Trade winds

This morning a moderate squall passed and washed Kuaka as this is needed since we received lots of dirt and pollution downwind of
Panama City.

The weather starts to looks like trade wind weather which is nice and this will move us along...

Changing winds

Ola to you all

Quite few wind changes last night obliged us to adjust the sails, including taking the first and second reef in the mainsail and rolling the
genoa and using the solent for part of the niglht.

Back to all...

Offshore encounter


Yesterday we saw a white sail on the horizon. Rather surprising as we are miles from shore. I called on the VHF and surprise there was a
voice answering. Patrick, a French solo sailor left Salinas, Equator the same day as we...