Sailing with Kuaka

Back Home in Aotearoa New Zealand

Hello to you all

Yes we made it to this nice place in the big ocean that is the Pacific.

We are very pleased to be safely tied to the quarantine dock here in the Bay of Islands marina in Opua.

We are waiting for...

Getting there/ On approche


Not much wind overnight, now motoring since 06.00 am. 200 miles to go. All is well on board

Le vent a faibli pendant toute la nuit. Nous sommes au moteur depuis 06.00. Il reste 200 miles a parcourir. Tout va bien a...

We are approaching


Not long ago at 17.30 local time we passed the 2000 miles from Raiatea and we have 380 miles to go to Opua. That is of course if all goes well

Il n'y a pas longtemps nous avons passes les 2000 milles depuis Raiatea. Nous...

Good progress toward Aotearoa NZ

Hello to everyone

Excellent sailing last night with an average of more then 6 knots. We covered 133 miles in the last 24 hours and 66 overnight toward our destination Opus, Bay of
Islands. Butt the problem with going south is that it...

Progress toward Aotearoa New Zealand

Hello to all

After a nice start out of Raiatea, sailing downwind in the trades winds we had to go south. However a low and its associated front was
on our way to our next waypoint. This strategy allow us to stay north of the low. We...

We have left French Polynesia behind. Nous avons quittes la Polynesie Francaise

All is well on board after our first night back at sea.

Tout va bien a bord apres notre premiere nuit en mer


YES we made it to Teioahe, Nuku Hiva in good health. All is well on board besides small broken parts that will be fixable soon. We are
going to have a rest and see what we need to to tomorrow to get some fresh food, perhaps une baguette.

Terre en vue


We are definitely getting there. At the moment we have 17 nautical miles to go to the entrance of the anchorage. We are happy about

Even if we do not know what will happen to us and what the authorities will...

Approaching Marqueses

We are slowly getting closer to Nuku Hiva. This morning we have 450 nautical miles to our destination. Trying to fish again, so far no
success even with a variety of lures. All is well on board.

Less then 1000 milles

Hello to everyone

Having less then 1000 miles to go feels good. At our courant averages we should take less then 8-10 days to arrive at Nuku Hiva if all
goes well.