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11 May 2008 | Man O War Cay
11 May 2008 | Marsh Harbour
20 April 2008 | Green Turtle to Marsh Harbour
20 April 2008 | Green Turtle Cay
15 April 2008 | Manjack Cay to Green Turtle Cay
15 April 2008 | Great Sale Cay to Manjack Cay
05 April 2008 | December 5, 2007 Wednesday Lake Sylvia to West End, Grand Bahamas
05 April 2008 | Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale
05 April 2008
05 April 2008 | Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale
05 April 2008 | Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale
05 April 2008 | Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale
05 April 2008 | Sylvia Lake to Cooley’s Landing Marina
05 April 2008 | Lake Worth to Sylvia Lake, Fort Lauderdale, FL
05 April 2008 | Faber Cove, Causeway Island to Lake Worth, Fort Pierce, FL
05 April 2008 | Vero Beach, FL to Faber Cove, Causeway Island, Fort Pierce
05 April 2008 | Cocoa, FL to Vero Beach, FL
05 April 2008 | Cocoa, FL
05 April 2008 | Addison Point to Cocoa, FL
05 April 2008 | Haul Over Canal

Memories of Dad

05 April 2008 | Cocoa, FL to Vero Beach, FL
November 12, 2007

Monday Cocoa, FL to Vero Beach, FL

Today I am in a somber mood as it has been three years since my Dad passed away. I think of him everyday and how much he would have enjoyed hearing about our trip.

Kelly heads off early to shore to pick up some seals he ordered to repair the autopilot pump. He returns and we are under way by 11AM. I motor us for five miles before Kelly takes over. We check the charts to see how far we can get before sunset. We make good time with a current push; we are traveling more than 8 knots over the ground.

I return to the cabin and we manage to get a full day of lessons completed. We finish around 4:00 PM. I go up on deck and steer the boat for the next 10 miles to our next destination, which is Vero Beach. We are the last boat to come into the Vero Beach Municipal Marina just before sunset and tie up to a unoccupied mooring. Usually boats are rafted together on the moorings because this is such a popular place. It is only $10.66 to rent a mooring here. We have to remember this stop on the return trip. The marina is located right before a bridge inside of a little inlet. This is a really nice place with a ball field right off our bow. The bridge is illuminated with lights from below the structure that casts a soft glow on the bridge. The wind is calm and it is rather quiet at the marina. We have dinner and watch a little TV.

I talk with my Mom on the phone and she thanks us for the flowers we sent. MJ is so good about sending flowers to Mom. Thanks MJ! Mom had a good day. I then watch a little more TV as everyone is already in bed. Vero Beach is about 15 miles from the harbor where Cindy and John have anchored Tashmoo. We will catch up with them tomorrow. Our friend Robin is planning to meet us at the marina there.

Vessel Make/Model: Whitby 42 Ketch
Hailing Port: Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
Crew: Kelly Gregg
Debra, Danielle and Kristen Gregg. The kids have been raised on the boat during the New England sailing season. Danielle was about 4 months old when her sailing career started while Kristen was just 2 days old. [...]
It was the summer of 2001 when we were bored and found ourselves riding around in the car going from one marina to the next looking at other people's boats. It must have been a lousy sailing day for us not to be out and about somewhere on our own boat. Then, there it was, sitting on the hard with [...]
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Who: Kelly Gregg
Port: Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts