La Aventura with Patti & James

06 July 2018 | Faial Island –Atlantic Portugal
24 June 2018 | National Holiday day in Faial
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28 October 2017 | Antiqua - Guatemala

4th july get-together with good friends

10 July 2015 | Jacksonville – northern Florida.
several afternoon violent thunderstorms

with good friends- Sue & Abrie, Annette & Kenny

27th June – we left our great Miami anchorage on the tide at 8am and had amazingly run with good wind from the right direction AND the Gulf Stream – we made 183 miles for 24 hours!!!

28th June – on passage to Jacksonville – slow progress compared to yesterday, but still making good progress. We saw big thunderstorms just on dark – thankfully they went around us.

29th June - we arrived off Jacksonville – St John River entrance too early – so had to wait for the tide to help us get up the river.
So after a few days on passage we had a nap waiting for the tide.
4 hours later and an interesting motor along the river we arrived off the town. The bridge attendant was very helpful, and opened the bridge after James called on the VHF - and we passed through with no waiting and then tied to the free town dock with one other small yacht.

We were right in the centre of the town. 1st impressions were OK – just a few locals homeless hanging around – but there were no problem. We had a shower, dinner and crashed for a good sleep with the cockpit alarm on - no overnight problems.

30th June - We had a wander of downtown Jacksonville – the tourist office lady was very talkative and helpful.
We spent some of the day at the excellent local library.
Annette and made contact with their friend Charlie who is the owner of the local marina docks – and he has berth available for us for this coming holiday weekend – its going to be great!
Dinner on the boat – with ICED drinks as James had found he could get a large cup full of ice for free from the nearby 7/11 – don’t you love America!! We even had ice-cream for dessert. No problem on the town dock – we put our cockpit alarm up and on just in case.

1st July - The new mayor was being sworn in today and the TV crews and street cleaners were out early to get ready – right by us.
We played tourist today – caught the free Skyway shuttle over the bridge to the southside of the river for a ride and then a walk around.
Back to the boat for lunch and then to the library for a few hours, to get out of the main heat of the day.
Jacksonville has a 1st Wednesday Arts and Crafts monthly event in the downtown area just outside the library – so took a wander and look around before heading back to the boat for ICED drinks and dinner.

2nd July - the lifting of the rail bridge delayed our leaving the town dock.

We motored up the river with the tide to get to Julington Creek in a few hours.
On the final approach it was VERY shallow and the keel was up all the way in.
A few afternoon thunderstorms rolled in – so we anchored up to wait for the winds to drop before we came into our arranged dock – so much gooey mud!!

After a few phone calls to Charlie, he was on the dock to take our lines.

Sue & Annette arrived shortly after we had tied up and said the party had already started at the nearby Bar/Restaurant – Hurricanes’ – where Annette until 6 months ago was the Manager for 3 years.
We quickly packed up and headed to the bar – too many Margaritas later we headed back to Annette & Kennys home for a BBQ dinner.

A GREAT DAY. So good to hang-out with S & A again – and Annette had done very well with arranging the Marina dock.

3rd July – a boys day out fishing and girls day out to nearly St Augustine. The weather was very hot and still. The boys all got sunburnt and caught NO fish.

The girls wandered the old fort area, a few shops and then had an enjoyable lunch – I ate alligator tail... tasted of nothing special.

We all had dinner at Hurricanes – a big night had by all. A & K were in their element showing off their visitors to all their local friends.

We could walk across the boat and straight on to the boat – excellent!!

4th July – American Birthday Day.
We waited for a call to join S&A and A &K for today activities. The guys spend some time sorting a problem with the boat and then it was too late to head out on the water as the afternoon thunderstorms came rolling in.

We spend most of the day hanging out at the house, just chatting and catching up with each other.

In the late afternoon we went to a neighbour’s house for a few drinks, BBQ and fireworks – all good enjoyment – lowkey but a great time together.

Thankfully the marina was so close for Annette to drive us back and easy to get back onboard – walk on- walk off is SO good.

Sue and Abrie left town today and Annette and Kenny took us to the shopping centres – Best Buy, West Marine and Napa for our boat parts etc.
Annette came to look around the boat and late afternoon drinks.

6th July - jobs day on the boat. Hot work for James changing the exhaust hose and doing an oil change and check of the engines.

7th July – another jobs day on the boat, making the most of being alongside in a berth at the ‘marina’. Charlie only charged us $30 for our 6 nights – so all good.

8th July – we left our Julington Creek marina berth on the morning tide at 8am for a glide down the river, in very still and calm conditions. Arrived off the town to get fuel and then to the free town moorings by lunchtime. Spent the afternoon at the library. ICED Scotch and takeaway pizza for dinner.

9th July - making the most of being in downtown Jacksonville – so it was a getting things sorted day. Bank of America opening account, internet banking and food shopping.

Spend later afternoon at nearby Hyatt Hotel – we were the only white people in the lobby as there was a Global Gathering of Religious folk in town and the host hotel was the Hyatt.

Walking back to the boat we briefly watched a Big Fight boxing weigh-in at Jacksonville Landing centre stage – the target market was obviously bikers – 100’s of beautiful bikes – mainly Harley Davidsons and many bikers club members gathering at the landing – the live band music was heavy metal.

10th July - after a quick early morning walk to the Hyatt to check the emails and banking, we then left Jacksonville Town Landing alongside dock on the 8.30am Main Street bridge opening. Heading further north.
Vessel Name: La Aventura
Crew: James & Patti

Who: James & Patti