La Aventura with Patti & James

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The Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay - visits to OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE

13 September 2015 | our soft crab feast
MONDAY 7 -we set off to head to Oxford today. A hot and still day with no wind for sailing. We took the shortcut and passed through Knapps Narrows....yes it's narrow and shallow!! Thanks to our lifting keel we were OK. Thankfully this lifting bridge opens on demand - so on waiting around. We arrived into the beautiful little anchorage in Town Creek by late afternoon. Oxford is one of the oldest town in Marylands Talbot County - officially 1683 was its founding year.

TUESDAY 8 - we managed to make contact with Jim & Margie the OCC Port Officers here - we had met them previously 2 years ago in Maine and this was a good chance to say Hello again.
We took a short dingy ride around the harbour and into the various boatyards for a quick look around and met the Sydney boat - Cloud Shadow for a quick chat.

Jim met us in his car for a quick tour of the little village. We then had a walk of the village of just 700 people - quaint, small with everything in pristine condition - just like walking through a museum. We walked to Jim & Marjorie's home at 5.30 for a catch-up drink and chat. They have a beautiful period home right on the Tred Avon River waterfront. They are both world travellers, so great to chat with them - especially about the various places we have both sailed in Europe. The weather is still hot and still.

WEDNESDAY 9 - yes Oxford is delightful - but one day was enough for a good look around. We decided to move on for another stop further south on the eastern shore to Cambridge.
Motoring again in the Choptank River- not enough sailing wind. We arrived into the town basin and were able to tie up to the wall on the NW side in front of the county building - with 1 other yacht. We had a hot afternoon walk of the town to the tourist info office, and to take a look at the main street etc. The town has an empty feel - with distinctly different urban and downtown historical areas. When we got back our neighbour had left - so we had the whole concrete wall to ourselves.
Back on the boat over dinner we had the live music from the nearby Snappers restaurant for background music. We finally finished watching the Breaking Bad TV serial we have been watching for ages. About 10pm we had a quick thunderstorm pass through - quick sharp heavy rain - the 1st rain we have had fore ages. We had excellent WiFi from the County Building.

THURSDAY 10 - CAMBRIDGE. We are now in Dorchester County. A hot day - so we spent most of the morning at the library, just a very short walk away. The local food market was well advertised around the town and recommended by the Tourist Office. A great location at Long Wharf Park, but only 3 stalls!! Before an afternoon thunderstorm passed through, we made the most of being in the waterfront area to look through the lighthouse museum.

FRIDAY 11 - we caught the 8am local bus to the supermarket - interesting seeing and hearing the locals chat about 9/11 and where they were 14 years ago today and their comments. Odd jobs day around the boat, filled the water tanks, and gave the boat a quick wash down.
Its all good here - we are tired to this wall at no charge, right in town, so walk on and walk off is a real treat. We are enjoying VERY good internet from the council building right beside us and are streaming BBC radio 2 live- fantastic - and James is getting his downloads 24/7.

In the afternoon we walked the town to get the needed goodies for tonights 'soft crab feast'. I had done the local research and we could buy fresh crabs as a take-out, fully cleaned, and ready for cooking - perfect! We bought some cold cider, corn and a French bread stick so we were ready to go. I found an internet recipe - the preparation and cooking was easy - just egg wash, then dusted in seasoned flour and a quick flip fry in a very hot shallow pan until crisp - but not too long to overcook. After cooking I enjoyed the eating too. I really liked the crunchy little legs and the body meat was sweet and tasty. A meal like this out in a local restaurant would have cost over $100 - and even better James cleared up and washed up. I could sit back, enjoy a lovely sunny evening with our Live Aid music DVD as entertainment. We had enough crab leftover for soft shell crab sandwiches for lunch another day.

SATURDAY 12 - after going up the mast to tape the upper spreader covers (again!!) it was an inside day as the forecasted steady rain and thunderstorms arrived. James was a happy lad as he could stream and listen live to BBC sport. We had another yacht come to the wall this afternoon - but didn't chat due to the rain. Cambridge main street has an Open House every 2nd Saturday - the shops stay open till 10pm and the shops and restaurants have stalls on the footpath etc... plus today was the annual 'Farewell to Summer' street party day too. We waited for the rain showers to ease and then took a walk through town about 6pm... but sadly the events had been rained off.

SUNDAY 13 - after an enjoyable stay in Cambridge, we had about 40 miles to sail back to Solomons toady - and a nice north winds to take us down the Bay. The north wind was not helpful getting out of the Choptank River, but thankfully we had the current running with us - this created a bit of a short chop to push through.

Overall we enjoyed our stay in Cambridge - it was handy being right in town on the wall. Our blue crab feast was excellent. The locals were all friendly and helpful, with more African Americans here than any other town we have visited so far whilst we have been in the states this year. We have been since been told there are some violence issues in the streets at night. Excellent internet, and the library just a short walk. We had planned to hire a car for the weekend to explore the eastern shore and attend a Native Indian Festival, but it will be on next weekend.

Great sailing day - but the autopilot had a bit of a problem in wind mode, but OK under power when we were coming into the Solomons anchorage... so hope we don't have an issue with this piece of kit (again).

Vessel Name: La Aventura
Crew: James & Patti

Who: James & Patti