La Aventura with Patti & James

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Hurricane in Hampton

15 October 2015 | Annapolis Boat Show visit – by car.
taking Harbour of Refuge status in Hampton Virginia.
So it was back to Solomons for a week - than a great downwind sail back to Hampton. We arrived back in Hampton, Virginia on 24th September - to take up 'residence' at anchor off the main town - a short dingy row from the Maritime Centre. We had a few bits and pieces for the boat ordered that needed a secure delivery address, and had therefore arranged with the main Dockmaster- Jake for some post to be delivered here - so we really didn't know how long it would be here again this time.

The Maritime Centre was a great spot of us - even though we were at anchor we had use of their WiFi, courtesy bicycles and lovely shower facilities - just great. Over the days, whilst we were waiting for our post we became friendly with both the Dockmasters Jake and Tom.

A VERY disturbing weather situation came our way during the last few days of September, a possible Hurricane was brewing. On Wednesday 30th, Chris Parkers SSB forecast informed us it was indeed on the way - with a high probability that it would make landfall at the southern mouth of the Chesapeake Bay - right where we were!! Landfall would be in approx. 104 hours. James started looking at all our paper and PC charts for a hurricane hole for us to run to -possibly 50 miles inland. We decided to go into the Maritime Centre for better internet to take a look at one possible option on Google Earth. The Dockmaster Jake was just arriving for work and we talked our options through with him - he said we could move into an alongside dock - no charge as we were taking 'harbour of refuge' status - fantastic. We moved into the dock, and set to work getting the boat gear off and stored below. Throughout the afternoon, before the rain set in we got the Genoa off, mast top wind instruments down, deck gear stowed.

On Thursday morning 1st October the local radio announced a State of Emergency for Virginia!! As usual we listened to Chris Parkers weather info on our SSB. The Hurricane - now Category 4 (125mph winds) had just hit the Bahamas, and caused terrible damage - AND a 800ft cargo ship was missing too. There was still no consensus when we will be affected. As we could still get safely off the boat, we walked to the supermarket to stock-up for the unknown coming days ahead. The weather was getting a bit windy with rain showers - and a very nice local lady spotted us as we were leaving the supermarket and gave us a lift with all our bags back to the boat.

FRIDAY 2nd - Chris Parker announced that Hurricane Joaquin will pass out to sea... so we will be OK - but still would have high wide and some nasty weather. The water level rose well above the dock today - so it was a TV, Movies and popcorn day. The rain stopped about 5pm - so to stretch our legs we walked to the intown Fish & Chip shop to get dinner - it was just OK - but not to English standards.

SATURDAY 3rd - weather cleared up enough today to air out the boat and dry things out. In the early afternoon we went into the nearby Crown Plaza Hotel for internet and to try to watch the England V Aust Rugby World Cup - successful internet but no TV overage - the Rugby is only available on pay-for-view here in the US.

SUNDAY 4th - heavy rain and strong wind all day, so we didnt get off the boat. Terrible weather off the Carolinas, and lots of flooding along the ICW.

MONDAY 5th - not a great weather day - but improving. We are so thankful to be on this inner harbour dock - safe and sound indeed.
TUESDAY 6th - we moved off the dock today and back out to anchor. Jake the main Dockmaster had been VERY good to us, allowing us to come into the dock whilst the Hurricane and strong winds passed through - and at no charge!

With our water gasket seal from the UK still not arrived in the post - we decided to make plans to stay here in Hampton and visit the Annapolis Boat Show - by car.

FRIDAY 9th - we picked up our Hire Car at 12.30pm and headed out to the large WalMart to get some bulk shopping done and to make the most of having the car.

SATURDAY 10 - We were up at 6am and left the boat by 6.30am - it was still dark for our short row to the Maritime Centre. It was a good 3 hour drive north to Annapolis for the Boat Show, in light traffic as it is the weekend. We had breakfast on the drive - I made a thermos of coffee and all was good. We got good no-charge car park in Back Creek area - the anchorage looked very crowded. The weather was perfect - warm and sunny. We bought a 2 days ticket - deciding to 'do' the show today and the lectures and talks etc on Sunday.

The inner harbour of Annapolis is very small and narrow at the best of times - and they really do cram lots of boats into this area and then many tented pavilions spread around the dock. We walked for hours around all the stalls - popped out into the town for quick out for lunch - lovely Pastrami and Swiss cheese on Rye - before more walking and looking at stalls and displays. We walked the docks - but didn't fancy going on any of the boats - maybe tomorrow if we have time to spare. We made our 1 purchase a new LED bulb for our anchor light. We met 'RainMan' from Australia again!! - the last time we spoke to Ben was on his stand at the Sydney Boat Show in Sydney 2 years ago - he has an excellent portable watermaker product - if we were sailing home through the pacific we would definitely purchase this product. During the day we managed to get the much sort-after tickets for the after show Boat Show Bash - but did not stay around to attend. We met UK crew from Yachting Monthly and amongst other things chatted about the World Cup Rugby - Australia V Wales today - they told us the score - Australia won 6-13.

Footsore from all our walking - we left the show at closing time 6pm and headed for our afternoon drinks in our 'usual' beachside rocking chairs - looking out over the main anchorage at Annapolis. As all the town restaurants and Main Street looked SO busy for dinner - we drove instead out to large Mall for Chinese dinner and then back to overnight in the car at the park we knew well near Bert Jabins yard/Back Creek - safe, secure and quiet - perfect for our car sleepover. A long, enjoyable and successful day.

SUNDAY 11th - again we got good car parking sport again near Back Creek and walked to Boat Show. We went straight to 10am talk by Lin Pardy on Heavy Weather sailing. This lady is a renowned world sailor and now author. All she did was talk about how many bad storms they had been in and what they did in their boat which has a tiller and hanked on sails!! - noone in the hall had boats with tillers or hanked on sails - useless information!! Whilst waiting for our next talk we wandered again through the stalls. Thankfully the lecture on navigation the ICW was excellent. The afternoon lecture on INavigation gave us some excellent info too - now definitely need an IPad and smartphone!! We did a final walk of a different sections of the stalls and then hit the road for the long drive and slow traffic due to road works back to Hampton - getting back to the boat about 10pm.

MONDAY 12th - We used car for big shopping trip - me shopping and James washing our oily boat rags at the laundry near the supermarket. Our afternoon was spent at Maritime Centre doing our 3 loads of clothes washing and drying and some final internet time on research for leaving to head south down the ICW.

TUESDAY 13th - we finally left Hampton today. In strong, gusty southerly winds we motored for the 10 miles south to Portsmouth. Passing the extensive US Naval fleet in Norfolk is impressive indeed. By lunch time we anchored at Hospital Point, Portsmouth - with Norfolk just across the river and stayed onboard for the afternoon reading the several magazines from the Boat Show.

Vessel Name: La Aventura
Crew: James & Patti

Who: James & Patti