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10 March 2014 | St Augustine Florida
10 March 2014 | Bentonville Arkansas
10 March 2014 | Powell Cay to Brunswick GA June 2010
08 March 2014 | Andros Island Bahamas
08 March 2014 | Grand Banks, Bahamas; Brunswick GA to Arkansas
14 April 2010 | Bahamas
26 January 2010 | Nassau
04 November 2009 | St. Augustine, FL
03 November 2009 | St Augustine, Fla
30 October 2009 | Brunswick GA
19 May 2009 | Green Turtle, Abaco Bahamas
19 May 2009 | Cherokee Point Bahamas
22 April 2009 | Marsh Harbor Bahamas
08 April 2009 | Bahamas
03 April 2009 | Bahamas
29 March 2009 | Exuma Bahamas
10 March 2009 | Staniel Cay Exuma Bahamas
02 March 2009 | Exuma Bahamas
17 February 2009 | Nassau
11 February 2009 | Nassau Bahamas

Catching Up Part 2

08 March 2014 | Andros Island Bahamas
Gloria Dawn
We met Pastor Kevin in Cat Island a few years earlier at an orphanage. He had returned to his family island to start a new orphanage. When we were leaving Nassau we called to see what he needed most that we could bring to him. He said bathroom sinks would be nice. We road the city bus to Nassau hardware plumbing store. After we explained what we needed the owner agreed to match our items so we got four sinks & four commodes. They put them on a pallet and sent them as freight on the mail boat to Andros. Yesterday we received a call from Pastor Kevin saying they are just about ready to open the orphanage. Four years is normal for project like this in the Bahamas. We did go there and stayed five days visiting his family and going to church with them. They were celebrating Easter two weeks late because so many people were off island during holiday. Loved it.
Vessel Name: Lady Hawk
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 27 (previously Brewer 44)
Hailing Port: Bon Secour AL
Crew: Charles Bruce Turek & Gloria Dawn Turek
About: We can't stay away from the water. Our current boat is an Island Packet 27. We started our cruising in 2006 in a Brewer 44 sailboat. She was fully equipped and a great home to us & Scooter our dog for many years. Our blogs start up again in a smaller great boat as we plan to be coastal cruising.
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Lady Hawk

Who: Charles Bruce Turek & Gloria Dawn Turek
Port: Bon Secour AL