The Lady J's Journey

Captain Mike and his first mate Jana begin their Journey with the Lady J.

14 April 2013 | Sandusky Harbor Marina
04 March 2013
13 February 2013 | Sandusky Ohio
06 February 2013 | Ashville, Ohio
10 September 2012 | On the hard
09 September 2012 | Sandusky Harbor Marina
27 August 2012 | Sandusky Harbor
22 August 2012
01 July 2012 | Sandusky, Ohio
29 June 2012 | Sandusky Ohio
24 June 2012
15 June 2012 | Ashville, Ohio
12 June 2012 | Ashville, Ohio

It's not ours anymore...

06 February 2013 | Ashville, Ohio
Well we have made yet another move to "living aboard". We have decided to put the house on the market May 1st with the hopes it will be sold by August 1st. The realtor is hopeful, as are we. From here we will move to Delaware (Ohio) and live in a two bedroom apartment. This will make our trip to "the boat" an hour shorter, but still close enough for Mike to continue working at Columbus State. And of course still close to family. Deciding to put the house up for sale has been our goal all along, but now that we have "officially" made this decision "it's not ours anymore" the house that is. We are repainting "neutral" colors which anyone who knows me that is not my thing. We have already sent 3 truckloads of stuff to the auction house, which I must admit has been refreshing. It is amazing how much stuff one can accumulate over the years. But trying to get your house ready for complete strangers to walk through in hopes that they say "I have to have this house" is a bit stressful. On top of this, loosing my mother a little over a month ago has put my stress level into overdrive. I am though making a concentrated effort to make my life "less cluttered" in EVERY aspect and to not worry about every little thing. So for now, until the weather is warmer and we can get back up to the boat I will concentrate on fixing up the house and realize it brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal.
Vessel Name: The Lady J
Vessel Make/Model: 1973 Gulfstar Trawler
Hailing Port: Sandusky Harbor Marina
Crew: Jana & Mike Kent
About: Retired Aircraft Mechanic and a retired Office Supply Rep, beginning the journey of fixing up an old boat to live out their dreams.
The Lady J's Photos - Main
Worked inside the boat in the engine room and putting things away
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Created 20 April 2013
7 Photos
Created 4 March 2013
Another week of work on The Lady J, plus a visit to a Rose Garden in Lorain and a stop at Vermillion
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Created 9 September 2012
Our last 2 weeks of work
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Created 27 August 2012
8 Photos
Created 22 August 2012
A week of work
9 Photos
Created 1 July 2012
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Created 29 June 2012
3 Photos
Created 24 June 2012
3 Photos
Created 24 June 2012
We were able to get a full weeks work in on the boat.
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Created 15 June 2012
We currently have the Lady J under a pavilion while we are working on her. Here are some of the current photos of us working on our Lady J.
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Created 15 June 2012
These are some of the shots that were taken when we first purchased The Lady J, needless to say she was in need of some lovin.
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Created 15 June 2012

Who: Jana & Mike Kent
Port: Sandusky Harbor Marina