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24 February 2011 | Tasmania
michael and jackie
It took a day to leave the energy sapping humidity of Mackay for the cool evening of Tasmania. We bumped Southerly through to Brisbane then on to Melbourne and finally Hobart, courtesy of Virgin Blue. Our first surprise was - no fresh fruit - so we handed in our Mackay oranges and proceeded on. We headed for the Clydesdale Manor, a beautiful Victorian manor house run by a delightful couple who provide sublime breakfasts, wonderful service and great advice. Hobart reminded us a bit of Falmouth. The Victorian wharfs and buildings abut a large natural harbour with many marinas, sailing boats and chandleries. Altogether a bit of yachtie heaven. The town bumps up and down low hills. with much of the housing reminiscent of Victorian English harbours like Falmouth but given an Australian angle. Brick built alms houses can be found alongside colonial houses with attractive verandahs. The town centre has many cafes and art galleries, staircases to higher streets, small alleys and interesting shops. Even the tourist oriented shops seem to have less tack. Tasmanians seem to be a different breed to Queenslanders. Loads of people are running and jogging. People here seem to eat better and exercise more than Queenslanders. That's not to say there are no McDonalds, or over large portions of fatty food, but there is a strong emphasis on fish and there are many ethnic restaurants. Tasmanians are more often tall and slim, Queenslanders round and overweight.

As for us we walked miles found a fish restaurant to die for Prussers on the Beach, and sampled oysters wherever we went. Actually we suspect it is not the best time for oysters. In England they are best in months with an r in them, so logically they should be worse here when there is an r in the month. Still we enjoyed them.
Vessel Name: Lady Kay
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 380
Hailing Port: Falmouth
Crew: Michael & Jackie Chapman
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