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Snow and sleet

27 February 2011 | Tasmania
michael and jackie
We came to Tasmania for the cooler weather but this we didn't expect. Snow, sleet , rain and wind all in one day. We headed off to a place called Strahan pronounced Strawn. The road went through spectacular scenery. First of all mountain wilderness then as we got nearer Strahan mountains ravaged by mining. Strahan is a highly popular tourist spot. All the houses sport no vacancy signs. However, it is difficult to see what is special about it. The town itself is a small harbour which serves the nearby fish farms. Nobody fishes anymore and there is no fresh fish or lobster for sale. The town is supposed to be famous for its crayfish (lobster). The main attraction is a steam railway and boat trips up the river. Both are inordinately expensive. The two fishing boats in the harbour had crayfish pots but don't appear to sail. We found a fish and chip shop recommended in the rough guide, which seemed to be the model for the spam shop. Everything was off, even tea. There are some attractive buildings of a bygone age dating back to the 1890's. A Georgian style customs house and some attractive pieces of colonial architecture. Altogether though a place that time has passed by.
Vessel Name: Lady Kay
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 380
Hailing Port: Falmouth
Crew: Michael & Jackie Chapman
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