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04 June 2017 | Les Sable d'Olomme
03 June 2017 | Port joinville. Ole d'yeu
30 May 2017 | Port Louis
25 May 2017
19 May 2017 | Yarmouth
18 May 2017 | Home
18 May 2017 | Home
13 May 2017 | Medina River, Cowes I.O.W
14 April 2017
14 April 2017 | Portsmouth harbour
14 April 2017 | Portsmouth harbour
27 December 2015 | Newtown Creek
12 July 2015 | St Cast
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03 July 2015
02 July 2015 | Gurnesey
02 September 2013 | Lymington

Trying again. Wifi achieved

04 June 2017 | Les Sable d'Olomme
Sunny and muggy,
Our Summer Cruise 2017
Well this cruise is proving to be very challenging as far as keeping our loyal followers updated with our blog. A long boring storey but the the up shot of it was that we were misinformed on various levels as to how we should get the Wifi box which we borrowed and signed up to a contract with three. It still isn't working. !!
Any way back to sailing.
A very lumpy and uncomfortable trip across the Channel. We arrived in Gurnsey very late and managed to get two nights for the price of one. Technically we arrived after twelve !!!
The next day was a rest day so I got my new Kayak out. Inflated it as per the instructions and as we were inflating the record chamber, the first one literally exploded. On investigation it had parted at the seam. Seriously cross. Managed to get hold of the supplier and after various emails over the past two weeks they are arranging to get a new one sent to me at La Rochelle.
Our sailing so far, well mostly motoring.
20/5/17 Yarmouth ~ Guernsey. 2 day stay
22/5/17. Guernsey ~ Roscoff. 1 day stay
23/5/17. Roscoff. ~ L'AberWach. 1 day stay
24/5/17. L'AberWach ~ Audierne. 2 day stay
26/5/17. Audiern. ~ La Foret. 3 day stay
29/5/17. La Foret. ~ Lorient 1 day stay
30/5/17. Lorient. ~ Belle Isle. 2 day stay
01/6/17. Belle Isle. ~ L'Herbaudiere 1 day stay
02/6/17. L'Herbaudiere ~ Port Joinville 2 day stay ( Birthday bash)
04/6/17 Port Joinville. ~ Les Sable d'Olomme present location.

We have spent most of our trips, making our way South, under engineer, or motor sailing. But on the plus side we have had lots of sunshine. Neil will go home with a very impressive tan. He looks like he had been to the Caribbean.
We are now in the Les Sable d'Olomme. It is the home of the Vendee Globe Yacht Race. Huge marina, but surprisingly quiet.
We had a motor sail down here today and we're incredibly privileged to be visited by a pod of about 20 dolphins. They jumped and splashed all around the boat. I never get bored of seeing them. They stayed about 5/6 mins, then they were in their way.
As there was no sailing going on we had the mackerel line out. We caught one then a huge 3/3.5 foot long Garfish. We took him off the line gave him a kiss and put him back. Why I hear you ask, " because they have green blood and they absolutely stick."
We caught 9 mackerel in total. Neil very kindly donated 4 to GARRY and Penny. !!
I will now attempt to put this on the blog. I have written this in notes and hoping to copy straight to the blog. Along with some pictures.Fingers crossed and see you on the other side.
Yippee it's on there , let's see if it now posts. Troubling with pictures.

Windy. , Rainy

03 June 2017 | Port joinville. Ole d'yeu
Bloody terrible

Wifi at last

30 May 2017 | Port Louis
Did a long post, lost the lot.
Now in Port Louis.
Off to Belle Islle at 13.30.


25 May 2017


19 May 2017 | Yarmouth
Well we decided to stop at Yarmouth, so picked up a buoy away at eight in the morning to Gurnsey

Last sleep

18 May 2017 | Home
Hi Guys

This is the last sleep before we go to the boat in the morning to load up and put lady a couple more inches below her plimsole line
Vessel Name: Lady Panache
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 35
Hailing Port: Hamble
Crew: Gerry and Debz
About: Old and cranky, that's the male one!
Extra: We just love to sail, when the wind is right!,
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