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The purpose of this sail blog is to keep family and friends informed and up to date as our family sails the world and its many remote places.

06 February 2012
21 November 2011 | Beaufort, NC
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10 November 2011 | Beaufort, NC
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16 October 2011 | Beaufort, NC
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Just Not Right

22 January 2011 | Beaufort, NC
Jenny / snowing

Hello from the crew of Full Monty! Yes, I’m guilty of not blogging for quite a few months. It seems that with the beginning of every new school year, I become totally drawn into homeschooling & our kids’ education. Not a bad thing! The weeks are filled with school and the weekends are filled with boat work. Every moment in between is taken up with product research for the boat and more thinning of our belongings. And I can't forget about a major computer crash that happened right before Christmas (losing all of my Christmas card photos), and my back up drive that had unknowingly failed 3 months prior to. Needless to say, it took some time getting ourselves technically back on track.

Therefore, since I fell behind with posts, I'm slowly going to try to piece together what we've been doing since this past November.

Usually we take some time off from boat work when the weather is too cold for our fingers. However, this winter we managed to continue through all kinds of weather. Talk about really wishing we could be in the tropics!
Vessel Name: Full Monty
Vessel Make/Model: 1993 Privilege 482-S Catamaran
Hailing Port: Topsail Beach, NC
Crew: Wil, Jenny, Justine & Colin
About: Wil (Co-Captain & Mechanic) Jenny (Co-Captain & Navigator) Justine (First Mate) Colin (Second Mate)
Extra: Full Monty currently resides in Beaufort, NC.
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The Crew of Full Monty

Who: Wil, Jenny, Justine & Colin
Port: Topsail Beach, NC