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The purpose of this sail blog is to keep family and friends informed and up to date as our family sails the world and its many remote places.

06 February 2012
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Where are we going?

10 July 2008 | Topsail Beach, NC
Jenny / Mostly Cloudy & 87
Exactly how does one sail around the world? How do we know where to go?

There are thousands of sailors out there everyday, many who are circumnavigating the world. Using information (and experience) of the seas, prevailing winds & currents, weather, and timing, there are primary routes that most cruisers follow. I have uploaded a map (which is sort of small - - sorry!), that shows our routes of choice.

We would like to circumnavigate the world in a minimum of four years. The route we've chosen can be done in 3 years. However, from what I understand, it's not uncommon for many cruisers to stay for an additional year in New Zealand. I hear it's a beautiful place, and we would love to explore it for as long as possible. There is also the possibility of loving the cruising lifestyle so much that we may never want to come back. Sailing takes an open mind for change. In the blink on an eye, your route or timing can change. You meet a lot of interesting people along the way, you might have to sit out for repairs, you may decide you want to stay somewhere longer, or you may get stuck somewhere while you wait on good weather. These are just some few examples.

As I was creating my map for upload, I could picture us in the various parts of the world - - being next to huge ships in the Panama Canal, seeing tons of Galapagos wildlife, exploring the beauty of the South Pacific islands, anchoring in time to see a beautiful, multi-colored sunset, seeing the sunrise just before you get off the night watch, taking the first fresh water shower in days (in the rain), watching dolphins play in the boat's bow wake, snorkeling within a group of barracuda, traveling inland to see ancient ruins, climbing tall mountains only accessible by a narrow, bumpy road, and the visions go on. Looking at my map, the world doesn't seem so big. In the grand scheme of things, what's 15-30 days at sea, traveling to the furthest point away from any other human being? What's 5 days of strong winds & seas taller than your boat? What's 4 years away from the society we know so well? The experience of a lifetime, the world as our classroom, and quality time as a family would be three of my answers.

That's where we're going.
Vessel Name: Full Monty
Vessel Make/Model: 1993 Privilege 482-S Catamaran
Hailing Port: Topsail Beach, NC
Crew: Wil, Jenny, Justine & Colin
About: Wil (Co-Captain & Mechanic) Jenny (Co-Captain & Navigator) Justine (First Mate) Colin (Second Mate)
Extra: Full Monty currently resides in Beaufort, NC.
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Who: Wil, Jenny, Justine & Colin
Port: Topsail Beach, NC