Sailing Leander

Sailing Leander

Who: Sima Baran & Paul Robertson
Port: Boston
22 November 2010 | Fethiye, Turkey
22 October 2010
20 July 2010 | Endeavor Bay, Tawila Island, Egypt
17 July 2010 | Red Sea, Egypt
15 July 2010 | 27 41 N, 33 48 E
14 June 2010 | 14 48 N, 42 57 E
12 June 2010
08 June 2010 | Sataya (Dolphin) Reef, Red Sea, off the coast of Egypt
07 June 2010 | Dangerous Reef, Foul Bay, Egypt
02 June 2010 | Khor el Morob, Sudan
30 May 2010 | Marsa Shin'Ab, Sudan
27 May 2010 | Marsa Shin'ab, Sudan
25 May 2010 | Suakin, Sudan
24 May 2010 | Aden, Yemen
03 May 2010 | Day 5: 160 miles northeast of Aden, 15 miles from the Yemeni Coast
29 April 2010 | Day 1: Passage to Yemen
24 April 2010 | Day 16: 135 Miles From Salalah, Oman
21 April 2010 | Day 13: 460 Miles From Salalah, Oman
19 April 2010 | Day 11: A Little Bit Closer to Oman
18 April 2010 | In the midst of the Arabian Sea

Arrival in Panama

18 May 2008 | Colon, Panama
We arrived safely in Panama yesterday after a four-day crossing from Jamaica. We are tied up at the Shelter Bay Marina just inside the breakwater on the Atlantic side of the canal. We were really excited to arrive. It's pretty cool here (not literally!), as there are dozens of freighters and tankers just outside the breakwater waiting to go thru.

The passage from Janaica was easy, with 15 knots of wind on our beam and small seas the whole way (good weather planning always makes a difference).

Right now we're cleaning up the boat. Sima is up top cleaning off salt with a hose. I am below working on a couple of projects. We had some water coming in the back, and we identified the problem, a not-to-difficult fix.

Next to us is a 50 footer that came from Holland on it's way to Australia. We just moved from a slip where we were surrounded by 70 footers taking part in an around-the-world rally. They came in last night at 3 a.m., and one bumped us real good, waking me from a sound sleep. I thought we were being burgled!

It's starting to be a really good life. We just moved the boat across the marina, a job that used to terrify me, but it went very smoothly.

At night, we go to the bar and swap stories with all the other cruisers criss-crossimg the globe.

Remember Biloxi Blues, when he complains that "they told me it would be hot. But this is Africa hot!". When the engine is running, at mid-day, it is like that down below. But up top it's not too bad. It's Boston in July. The sun is tough too. We have to be really careful.

Good Latin music on the radio, a nice breeze now.

We are traveling by plane again next week, to go to Istanbul for a wedding. I'll be there 5 days, and Sima 10. We will be here (Atlantic side of the canal) for abot 3-4 weeks regardless, as that is the delay to get through the canal.
Vessel Name: Leander
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 41.1
Hailing Port: Boston
Crew: Sima Baran & Paul Robertson
About: Following our wedding in Istanbul we are taking a two-year break from land-life and going sailing. Sima is taking time off between strategy consulting and business school while Paul is on a sabbatical from his career as an attorney.

Sailing Leander

Who: Sima Baran & Paul Robertson
Port: Boston