11 November 2010
11 November 2010
11 November 2010
11 November 2010
11 November 2010 | Marina Costa Baja, La Paz
27 April 2010 | Alameda, CA

Singlehanding to La Paz IV

11 November 2010
Left at sunrise for the longest all-day run to La Paz through the often difficult Cerralvos Channel and the narrow and crowded San Lorenzo Channel. Arrived at Marina Costa Baja mid-afternoon, beating the larger Haha boats because of my Killian prop, which kept us motor-sailing at 6-plus knots through all the opposing wind and current. Here is a photo of La Paz. I plan to dry-dock the boat at Bercovich Boat Yard and sell it.

Singlehanding to La Paz III

11 November 2010
A longer all-day run to Los Muertes anchorage. Rought Northern winds to bash through the last few hours. Here is a photo of Los Muertos.

Singlehanding to La Paz II

11 November 2010
Second leg was all day to Los Frailes anchorage. Here is a photo of that.

Singlehanding to La Paz

11 November 2010
I decided to make the trip in three runs by daylight only so I wouldn't have to enter unfamiliar anchorages in the dark. The first leg was easiest--a 4-5 hour run up the coast to Puerto Cabo Baja where I got a slip with no electricity or water for $30. It was part of a luxury development still in process. I got food and water, departing early the next morning. Here is a photo of the marina.

Baja Haha 2010 and on to La Paz VI

11 November 2010
Little wind all the way, and only one overnight to Cabo. But rounding the Cape we had 25-30 knot winds on the bow. The engine ran out of diesel in the raging sea and we spent a hair-raising 90 minutes changing Racor filter and bledding (no, that wasn't the problem), then finally adding more jerry jugs of fuel before we finally were able to run into the harbor at Cabo San Lucas. The Haha wrapped up over three days, while we all went through the formal port checkins, got showers, ate over-priced food, and shopped. I got a few goodies for Willa. Final awards ceremony was done Saturday night. Frank and Ken had gotten lodgings in town as soon as we arrived so I finally had blessed solitude. They flew home and early Monday morning I checked out and started my three-day single-handedsail North to La Paz. Photo shows Friday Haha beach party. It was blowing stink from the East and those who tried to anchor out got beat up and came in for a slip. I was rafted up with six other boats on an end tie.

Baja Haha 2010 and on to La Paz V

11 November 2010
After two days on the hook we started the second leg down to Bahia Maria--another overnight. Much better sailing. The Bahia was beautiful and completely isolated. We anchored there for two nights. The small fishing village there was wiped ot in the last hurricane and made a big party meal for us to make money. I played my cornet with the rock band that came from La Paz through river beds and non-roads to play for tips. In Turtle Bay I had to dive on the prop and cut it free of polypro line and crab trap floats, so had my first swim in warmer water. So in Bahia Maria I took a bath and washed my hair in the Bay, then rinsed in the fresh-water cockpit shower. Here is a photo of the Haha fleet starting out from Bahia Maria and the last leg to Cabo.
Vessel Name: S/V Legacy
Vessel Make/Model: C&C 34
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA
Crew: Frank and Ken
About: For First leg, Baja Haha
Extra: Cast off from Alameda, CA, planned for Thursday, October 14, 2010
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Ken Byers and Frank Grekowicz crew for me on S/V/ Legacy down to the Sea of Cortez
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S/V Legacy

Who: Frank and Ken
Port: San Francisco, CA
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