Lemons Way

Continuing adventures, observations, and images.

Last nights little adventure

It was so nice out at sunset that I headed out into the darkness not long after. I quickly discovered none of my electronic instruments were working, probably due to the failure of the Heart inverter/charger unit, but I've done the bay so many times at night...

Warm and wet southern breeze

My hike this morning took me to the little beaches near the marina and then a long walk up the beach and back. I was so hot and sweaty the cool sea water helped to cool me down. This is what people do here in the summer. They cool off in the sea, which is...

View from the top

I took a huge hike this morning around the point to some beautiful houses along the open sea. The roads are built but most of the lots are still raw land. The way things are growing here, those lots will be sold and houses built in the next decade. My little...

Back to the Marina (by truck), Night arrival

Drove for what seemed like too long along Highway 15 in the dark with no moonlight until I finally reached San Carlos. Stopped at the grocery to get food and ice and then scored a spot right by the entrance to our dock at Marina Real. Two trips with my stuff...

Driving into the night to get back to the sailboat

Safe Night On Anchor Across the Bay

I headed out in the dark by myself and cruised slowly across the bay while i figured out how to adjust the brightness on my electronic instruments from day to night. Enjoyed dinner on deck on the water on a beautiful relatively calm night. Slept soundly in the...

Enjoying some life music at Hammerheads before afternoon walk along the pier

Been a long time since I spent an afternoon just chillaxing.

Made it

Made it safely to San Carlos. Manuel and his crew were working on the sailboat In the water at trusty slip 18 when I arrived at about noon. I went and got them lunch and got a six pack for myself. I rarely drink beer. I only like it in summer, typically late...

What a day and night and day

I can't remember the last time I slept in the backseat of the truck, if ever, but I did it last night. The day started innocently enough with a hike around the neighborhood. I had spent the previous night at my parent's house since it was the beginning of...

Rosh Hashana, 2020


Rosh Hashana, 2020

May the coming year bring health and peace

Windmills at sunset

Going up and into that mountainous area before dropping down into San Diego was especially beautiful at sunset. The shadows and the light. Canyons were washed up and down with a pink hue. The intensity of it all, while commuters raced up the mountain and...

Off to visit family and deliver a car for the Jewish New Year

Yesterday i dropped my truck off at the shop to repair the remaining damage I caused when I hit the rail going into the sentri lane crossing the border a month or so ago. Did a brief client appointment just before I got onto the highway after noon. Then drove...

Shabbat with the kids

Sarah and I bought this traveling Shabbat tea candle holder in what is left of the old Jewish neighborhood in Paris. It is in the shape of a pomegranate, which is an ancient fruit and Jewish symbol. It got some use on a sailboat or RV trip or two, but has been...

Taking it back down to the metal

Oy. Thank goodness I’m not doing this work personally. It has got to be absolutely brutal working on the keel in dry dock this time of year. Things have been pretty slow at the office and otherwise rather surreal back in Tucson, so at least something...

Remember when I used to post pictures of the food I made while traveling

Gila Bend, Arizona 9/11 Memorial

There was a program to distribute some large pieces of the rubble to communities across the United States. This 4000 pound artifact was delivered by truck by a resident of this town that is home to about 1000 souls. I don't believe I've yet encountered a piece...

Dramatic entrance to San Diego

From fires in the mountains surrounding San Diego.

Hot weather on the way across the desert

Last minute trip to Coronado for a little family gathering. I wasn't really doing anything anyway.


Staying at mom and dads for Sarah's second 5 day block as the sailboat is on the hard. I don't think I've spent the night here since i came back for a few days to do a hearing and attend traffic school when i was traveling with jake and Anne, as documented in...

Late summer, 2020 haul out

Bottom looks pretty good for so long sitting in the brine. I’m crossing my fingers for a relatively quick in and out to preserve and ready Oz for possible longer distance cruising by late 2020. The sea is, technically, open, but the pandemic is still going...

Sunset over the sea

Last night’s

Gotta keep moving

Took a long hot sweaty walk this morning around the marina and then way up the beach and back. Afterwards I cooled off in the air-conditioned sailboat. I'm currently getting rehydrated, I took off on a bike ride to the sea. It was so hot and humid and I was...

Spending Sarah’s first five day block on the sailboat

I've learned from experience that this weather can be enjoyed to the greatest extent without a shirt on and with frequent cold drinks and plenty of mineral water to avoid dehydrating. You may have noticed the um, ringworm... on my leg, for which I am taking...

Cool car I saw while walking Udal this morning

I am fortunate to have a large park
across the street from my law office. It has a great walking path.

A little incident on the way home

It's been like 50 trips to San Carlos. Just before the border I ran into the side of the road while looking for my Sentry Card and scraped the car and blew out my tire, which was nearly new. This is actually the third or fourth tire I've lost in Mexico. Had...

Views you only get on the water at dusk

This photograph is yet another example, a decade or more later, that it doesn't matter whether you find yourself across the sea or just outside Marina Real, cruising is about the experience and being willing to do what it takes to get out there on the water at...

Me on the sea

No good reason to stay away from here from what I can see. Boats on the water. Some indicators of tourism. Summer weather. Solo sailing is not an issue in terms of transmission of illness.

First night sunset watch

Mexico is smart

I had to look up how to ask how this worked In Spanish on the WiFi Internet my phone is already programmed to connect to At the Elba WiFi in their Santa Ana restaurant. You proceed as if you are taking a picture of the visual code In the picture above and a...

Our child made me breakfast

And it was quite good. Just the right amount of cheese.

Spa Day from the kids

The children did my hands, feet, then my hair outside in the backyard. The nicest thing anyone has done for me in a while.

Hot drive with the kids back to Tucson

A no crying no whining drive from San Diego to Tucson, with plenty of stops along the way for food, bathroom, and even a stop at NorthSails on the way out, where Eric unbagged Oz’s never used storm sail and approved its use as a staysail. New project #201.

Goodnight San Diego

We had a good time and spent quality time together. Grateful.

Sunset sand play with a new friend

One of my favorite things is watching the kids lose themselves in play. This night they met a girl on the sand pile with a beautiful simple white dress that had colored bands and the three of them built a city.

My daughter’s sim pandemic family

By far the best donuts I’ve come across

$42 a dozen. Three of us ate 11 in one full day. And these are not your regular donuts. The boy ate the last one by himself the next day. No regrets.

Oz cleaned, looked after, and waiting out the pandemic

So far the spring and summer opportunities to cruise and sail have been eliminated by the Covid 19 pandemic. It’s a relatively small harm compared to that suffered by so many around the world. Presently it is pouring rain at 10 in the morning and I am stuck...


Walking the neighborhood

It’s been a long time since I walked the neighborhood regularly. It was when I had Golden Retrievers. Plenty of that earlier in my sailblog. Everything else is closed and I’m back to it.

Day trip to Bisbee for Interstate Jurisdictional case.