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The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.

26 February 2018 | Santa Ana, Son.
23 February 2018 | San Carlos, Son.
22 February 2018 | Mariscos place at corner
21 February 2018 | Marina Real, Son., Mex.
21 February 2018 | Marina Real, San Calos, Son.
28 January 2018 | Bell Rock
27 January 2018
24 January 2018
24 January 2018 | Yellowstone
24 January 2018 | Yellowstone
24 January 2018 | Yellowstone, old
23 January 2018 | My driveway in Tucson
21 January 2018 | Levi’s roommback in Tucson

The Head/Shower

16 October 2007 | Somewhere in North Carolina
Keith - mid-October, 2007
Another important part. There's no getting around the fact that the head smells like a head. You get used to it after a few days. All boats smell musty after a while and this one is no different. But after a few days on it, you don't even notice and it seems normal, until you are off for a day, then you notice again when you board. Regardless, I used that little toilet for almost three weeks and it performed pretty well overall. I use fresh water from the sink rather than seawater to flush with and I'm told it keeps in the tank better. I pumped out about once a week. I could have used the overboard discharge, but it is forbidden in inland waters and lakes. This boat has engine-fed hot water and a hot shower is always available with a few minutes of engine and hot water heater. There's also a shower on the stern, which would be great in warm weather. It holds about 80 gallons of water in three tanks, which is more than enough for the coastal cruiser. I'd have to ration if I was at sea for 30 days (about 2.5 gallons per day), but otherwise, water is plentiful to wash with, shower with, or whatever. I drink bottled water just to be extra safe and sure of the water that actually goes into my body.
Vessel Name: Oz
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade
Hailing Port: Tucson, Arizona
Keith is a 40 something year old Family Law Attorney from Tucson, Arizona who somehow managed to develop a love of sailboat cruising and adventure in spite of growing up in the desert. This blog used to be about how I become a n occasional coastal cruising sailor. [...]
Extra: Our sailing life has now come full circle back to San Carlos on the Sea Of Cortez.
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