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The continuing adventures of a cruising sailor/family lawyer, his wife (also a lawyer), and their young children.

26 February 2018 | Santa Ana, Son.
23 February 2018 | San Carlos, Son.
22 February 2018 | Mariscos place at corner
21 February 2018 | Marina Real, Son., Mex.
21 February 2018 | Marina Real, San Calos, Son.
28 January 2018 | Bell Rock
27 January 2018
24 January 2018
24 January 2018 | Yellowstone
24 January 2018 | Yellowstone
24 January 2018 | Yellowstone, old
23 January 2018 | My driveway in Tucson
21 January 2018 | Levi’s roommback in Tucson

The 8 foot Walker Bay Dingy at the Oriental Town Docks

20 October 2007
Keith, late-October, 2007
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this dingy. Putting aside the age old debate about inflatable vs. hard dingy, I like the Walker Bay because it is rugged and it rows well. So well its 3.5 hp outboard engine is often not needed. However, this dingy leaks water. I think I need to replace or silicone seal the drain plug assembly at the back. Didn't get around to it this trip. For now I use a hand pump to clear out the water before I get in. The dingy is also tippy, especially when you're not used to it. It came to me with a heavy duty inflatable ring that Ken admitted had a slow leak he couldn't (didn't) fix. I'm sure the addition of the inflatable part would make the Walker Bay a great Dingy after I fix the leaks. The last thing I did before heading out of Oriental was to drop the inflatable section at the local West Marine Outlet for repairs. Once it is repaired, I will clean it with Acetone to make it look pretty again, install it on the dingy, fix the leaking drain, and I'll be styling. With the inflatable attached and working, this dingy could serve as an inadequate life raft in an emergency, which is better than I have at present on Tropical Dreamer. All I have at present is a tippy dingy that leaks water and would surely sink if it took on too much water or tip over and sink in heavy seas.
Vessel Name: Oz
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade
Hailing Port: Tucson, Arizona
Keith is a 40 something year old Family Law Attorney from Tucson, Arizona who somehow managed to develop a love of sailboat cruising and adventure in spite of growing up in the desert. This blog used to be about how I become a n occasional coastal cruising sailor. [...]
Extra: Our sailing life has now come full circle back to San Carlos on the Sea Of Cortez.
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