Atlantic Adventure

04 January 2008
01 January 2008 | Surburbia - Cape Town
26 December 2007
21 December 2007 | 12,5 Deg N; 59,75 Deg W
15 December 2007 | 02,05 Deg N; 45,5 Deg W
07 December 2007 | 08,5 Deg S; 26,25 Deg W
04 December 2007 | 10,53 Deg S; 20,20 Deg W
01 December 2007 | 12,25 Deg S; 16,25 Deg W
27 November 2007 | St Helena
26 November 2007 | St. Helena Island
23 November 2007 | 20,25 Deg S ; 0,8 Deg W
21 November 2007 | 23.19 Deg S 2.47 Deg E
19 November 2007 | 27.01 Deg S 7.4 Deg E
18 November 2007 | 28.3 Deg S; 9.4 Deg E
16 November 2007 | 32,7 Deg S; 16.3 Deg E
13 November 2007 | Cape Town Harbour
12 November 2007 | Cape Town Harbour
10 November 2007 | Cape Town
02 November 2007 | Cape Town
27 October 2007 | Cape Town

Our Vessel

14 October 2007 | Cape Town
The boat we will be delivering is a 46ft luxury catamaran - a Leopard 46.

These boats are manufactured in Cape Town. We will be delivering this one to the BVIs where the client holds boats available for charter and sale. They have boats in many exotic destinations eagerly waiting for holiday makers to charter them.

The catamaran comes in different configurations having 3 or 4 cabins. We will prepare this boat prior to our departure. All the stantions and stainless steel guard rails are treated with silicone spray and wrapped in rags. This prevents any surface rust from forming on these items, yes stainless steel tarnishes at sea. We change all the halyards and sheets, this task involves a trip up the mast, quite a daunting task for landlubbers. We make up covers from calico sheets and place these protective covers on all the cushions and mattresses on the boat. The surfaces are covered with compressed board and taped into position so that they cannot move and cause scratches.

All of this in an effort to deliver the boat in near new condition after sailing it for some six weeks across the Atlantic.

When we are about one week from our destination we start the clean up process and remove all the protective layers. All of this to arrive at our destination port with a shiny, gleaming boat.

Vessel Name: Leopard 46
Vessel Make/Model: Robertson and Caine 46ft Catamaran
Hailing Port: Cape Town
About: We have many interest particularly those with an outdoor flavour such as hiking, birding, camping, traveling. Shaun has had a long interest in sailing and all things marine.
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Port: Cape Town