Life aboard Leprechaun

Cruising towards our dream, in search of the pot o'gold

19 July 2012 | Bayfield and Twin Cities
13 July 2012 | Houghton, MI
12 July 2012 | Outer Keweenaw, MI
11 July 2012 | Marquette, MI
10 July 2012 | Munising, MI
09 July 2012 | Grand Marais, MI
08 July 2012 | Whitefish Point
06 July 2012 | Sault Ste. Marie, MI
05 July 2012 | DeTour Village, MI
04 July 2012 | Roger City, MI
03 July 2012 | Presque Isle, MI
02 July 2012 | Harrisville, MI
01 July 2012 | East Tawas, MI
30 June 2012 | Harbor Beach, MI
29 June 2012 | Port Sanilac, MI
28 June 2012 | Lake St. Clair, MI
27 June 2012 | Lake St. Clair, MI
26 June 2012 | Grosse Ile, MI
25 June 2012 | Put in Bay, OH
23 June 2012

Big lake sailing

29 June 2012 | Port Sanilac, MI
John and Cheryl
Cheryl's Notes:

Hooray, we are in Lake Huron! The last mile of the St. Clair River was slow going. We finally popped out into the lake and did some fresh water, big lake sailing. We didn't have any obstacles or channels to follow, and depth isn't an issue. Our only excitement today was when John got bit by something and it immediately swelled into a giant hard bump. We but some benedryl on it, and it seems better. We also had a few hitchhikers aboard. Butterflies were flying into the cockpit and hanging from the canvas. I guess that their wings were tired.

We are anchored in Port Sanilac harbor for the night. We went ashore to get a new antenna and to visit the local farmers market. The farmers market was a pretty big disappointment. The only fresh produce was some spinach and raspberries, neither of which we needed. Big disappointment after the Cleveland market.

John's Notes:

Well, they didn't exactly have the antenna that they said they had. Ended up getting a Shakespeare instead. The whip part is about 6" longer than my old Metz so maybe it will extend the range somewhat. The bad part is that I now have to replace the entire antenna. Of course, the mounting holes in the bracket are totally different than the old one. Looks like I will have to make a couple of trips up the mast to tap new holes and then mount the antenna.

Motor sailed most of the day today. The last couple of miles in the St. Claire river were a drag. Boat speed dropped to about 3.9kts. Still nowhere as bad as we had been told by our friends in Sandusky. Hard to believe that a SAILOR would ever exaggerate.

Birthday minus one and I still have no clue what to get the First Mate. Well, there is the new antenna, but that hardly counts.

Just a guess, but I think that we have less than 800 miles to get back to Bayfield. As the crow flies, way less. Looking forward to a night at Portside.
Vessel Name: Leprechaun
Vessel Make/Model: 1999 Catalina 36mkII
Hailing Port: Bayfield, WI
Crew: John and Cheryl
About: John grew up in San Francisco and received his first boat for his seventh birthday. He has owned a boat since that day. His father and grandfather were both ship captains. His dream has always been to live on the water and travel to new places and spend his retirement years cruising.
Cheryl started dating John ten years ago. On their third date he uttered the words that would change her life forever. "Did I mention that I own a boat?" She fell in love with John and her love of sailing quickly followed. When he mentioned his retirement dreams, she was the first to say "Let's [...]
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The Crew

Who: John and Cheryl
Port: Bayfield, WI