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19 July 2012 | Bayfield and Twin Cities
13 July 2012 | Houghton, MI
12 July 2012 | Outer Keweenaw, MI
11 July 2012 | Marquette, MI
10 July 2012 | Munising, MI
09 July 2012 | Grand Marais, MI
08 July 2012 | Whitefish Point
06 July 2012 | Sault Ste. Marie, MI
05 July 2012 | DeTour Village, MI
04 July 2012 | Roger City, MI
03 July 2012 | Presque Isle, MI
02 July 2012 | Harrisville, MI
01 July 2012 | East Tawas, MI
30 June 2012 | Harbor Beach, MI
29 June 2012 | Port Sanilac, MI
28 June 2012 | Lake St. Clair, MI
27 June 2012 | Lake St. Clair, MI
26 June 2012 | Grosse Ile, MI
25 June 2012 | Put in Bay, OH
23 June 2012

Home again

19 July 2012 | Bayfield and Twin Cities
John and Cheryl
Cheryl’s Notes:

There has been lots of activity since our last post. On Sunday morning we sailed through the islands to Bayfield. We pulled into Port Superior before noon. We were greeted by our friends Lee and Marlynn. They helped us tie up and then offered us a ride down to the Twin Cities. It turns out that their son lives less than a mile from our condo. They dropped us off right at our front door. It is great to make new friends, but there is nothing like old friends.

We spent Monday getting our mail and visiting family. We got up very early Tuesday morning and headed toward Cleveland. Long drive for John, as I am not proficient in driving his car. (It is a 5 speed.) My sister, Barb and Trish offered to put us up for the night. We had a great visit, including dinner at Panini’s. Wednesday morning we said our goodbyes and then backtracked to Sandusky. Julio the Jeep was right where we left him, although he was covered in spider webs. Now for the long drive back, each of us in our own vehicles. We made a few more stops than heading east, including the middle of Amish country. We made it off the road just in time at the Wisconsin Dells. Huge storm system that stretched form there to Janesville caused a sudden downpour. We had a snack while it passed. It rained off and on all the way to Hudson. We got home late and collapsed.

Today was a down day. Did some laundry, grabbed a few groceries and emptied out Julio. Now we can go back up to the boat and start clearing out more stuff. It was one thing to store everything on the boat when it was our only home. But now that we have an alternative, we can unload some more weight.

John’s Notes:

It’s only Thursday and it has already been a long week. I just can’t get excited about driving 1620 miles in two days.

Back to the boat tomorrow and then the cleaning begins. We will be removing everything that we don’t need for fulltime living aboard. That should allow us to remove about another thousand pounds. Just the mountain of books alone should take a couple of hundred pounds off.

We are good through the end of August for a home for Leprechaun. After that, we have to decide what we are going to do. Really wouldn’t want to haul the boat that soon before the end of the season. On the other hand, I can’t see spending a couple of thousand dollars for six weeks or so of dockage. Have to see who is willing to make a deal. The way I see it, if I were a marina this late in the season, I would rather have some income than none. If we haul at the end of August, we might miss Applefest.

Still keep thinking in the back of my mind that we might start looking for a trawler. The problem is that there are several that we are interested in but we still have to sell our boat first. Let the looking begin. Getting our boat sold might take a couple of years. In this market, it’s like trying to sell a house.

Vessel Name: Leprechaun
Vessel Make/Model: 1999 Catalina 36mkII
Hailing Port: Bayfield, WI
Crew: John and Cheryl
About: John grew up in San Francisco and received his first boat for his seventh birthday. He has owned a boat since that day. His father and grandfather were both ship captains. His dream has always been to live on the water and travel to new places and spend his retirement years cruising.
Cheryl started dating John ten years ago. On their third date he uttered the words that would change her life forever. "Did I mention that I own a boat?" She fell in love with John and her love of sailing quickly followed. When he mentioned his retirement dreams, she was the first to say "Let's [...]
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Chesapeake light ship in Baltimore Harbor
USS Constellation
Federal Hill
USS Constellation
John W Brown
Paddle boats in Baltimore Harbor
National Aquarium in Baltimore Harbor
Fort McHenry where the battle in 1812 inspired the Star Spangled Banner
US Naval Hospital Ship "Comfort"
Chesapeake Bay Bridge looking East
Chesapeake Bay Bridge looking West
Ships anchored in the bay
Ships anchored in the bay
Annapolis harbor
Old Town Annapolis
Old Town Annapolis
Old Town Annapolis
Old Town Annapolis
Maryland State House
The Goat
Anchor in front of Chapel
Inside of USNA Chapel
US Naval Academy Chapel
Plebe class of 2013
Formations in Tecumseh Court
Formations in Tecumseh Court
Formations in Tecumseh Court
Academy Supervisors Housing
Monument to submarines
Drum Point Lighthouse
Sunset on St. Mary
Replica of the Dove
Inside the Maryland Statehouse
The original Maryland Statehouse
Stockaids on the grounds
St. Mary
John picking up Wes and Deann from Liberty
Sunken crab boat at entrance to Tangier canal
John with Milton Parks next to his crab boat
The "buy boat"
Checkers game table at the history center
Life is a beach
Sunken boat off of the beach
Town read and return library
Beach on the western shore of Tangier Island
One of the oldest homes still standing
Small crab boats on the inner canals
Volunteer fire station
One of the inner canals
Cemetary plot in the front yard
Methodist church
Crowded side street on Tangier Island
Typical home on Tangier
Street leading to the marina on Tangier
Even the little tykes have a car on Tangier
Blue crab in holding tanks
Cemetary on Tangier
History of Tangier Island
A lighthouse for Kay
Crab floats designating the owners
Parsonage home on Tangier
John making friends with Tangier cats
Leprechaun in our slip on Tangier
Liberty on the main dock at Tangier
Navy helicopters practicing touch and goes at the Tangier airstrip
Osprey nest on channel marker
Crab boat in front of crab shack
Liberty "trying" to outrun us with three sails flying
Wolf Trap Lighthouse
NOAA research vessel
Liberty at anchor in Hampton harbor
Leprechaun at anchor in Hampton harbor
Portsmouth light ship
Hawaii super ferry
Tug boat in portsmouth harbor
Waiting for train to cross railroad bridge
Sun Suma
Sun Suma unloading coal
Locking through Deep Creek
We locked through with a friend
Wes and John talking shop with Robert, the lockmaster
Dismal Swamp historical plaque
Crane in flight
Old Superintendent
Barge for clearing canal
Tug for barge
Docked at Visitor
Virginia state line
Docked at Visitor Center
View on the Dismal Swamp
Bridge opening
How far to Key West?
Locking through
Liberty in the locks
Liberty bringing up the rear
Leaving Elizabeth City
View on the Swamp
Cheryl is 50!
Vixen at anchor in South River
shrimp boat in Hobucken
shrimp boat in Hobucken
Hobucken Coast Guard Station
jellyfish in Belhaven harbor
Pungo River debris piled on shore
Alligator River swing bridge
Alligator River swing bridge
Jets from Cherry Point Air Station
Marine Corps jet flying over boat
John the Cruiser
Coast Guard helicopter out of Elizabeth City station
Coast Guard Air Station in Elizabeth City
Dirigible plant in Elizabeth City
Historic home in Elizabeth City
City docks in Elizabeth City
Federal Building in Elizabeth City
Waterfront in Elizabeth City
Rocky the dachshund
Sam, our dock greeter in Elizabeth City is one of the "Rose Buddies"
High school art teacher painting our boat
Painting of our boat at docks

The Crew

Who: John and Cheryl
Port: Bayfield, WI