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The Poorly Girl - by Tinker

15 April 2019
"Vestibular syndrome is caused by dysfunction of the inner ear. Because the symptoms occur suddenly, they are sometimes confused with symptoms of stroke. Along with loss of balance and falling over, signs may include head tilt, walking in circles, vomiting, nausea, and flicking of the eyes from side to side".

We left Weymouth harbour at 6.30am and set off for Guernsey. The weather was not as predicted and instead of a gentle sail the boat was tilted on its side and there was rain and a lot of heavy waves breaking over the boat. After an hour or so Mom and I decided to get our heads down and have a bit of a doze downstairs, under a quilt to keep us warm. We had a lovely cuddle and warm up and I decided to stay downstairs. About 5 hours into a 10 hour sail I was not feeling so well and asked to go on deck. I only just made it before I was sick everywhere. I have been seasick once before so Mom and Dad were not worried, until they realised I could not stand up. Should they turn back or carry on? Either way we still had five hours at sea, so they pressed on. They took it in turns to hold me in their arms whilst I vomited, foamed at the mouth and was one mass of jelly. All their newly washed wet weather clothes and my life jacket were covered in sick. Mom said it was a wonder we weren't all ill. I could not hold my head up, my legs weren't working and they thought I had had a stroke. Mom shouted at Dad for taking us out on our maiden voyage in such revolting weather. Well done Mom!

We got into Guernsey harbour and I did not improve, in fact the vomiting got worse and all I could do was lie on the rug. Mom kept putting water on her hand and getting me to take it. Mom and Dad slept on the settee to keep an eye on me and Dad spoke to the Island vet first thing on Sunday morning. There was no way I could walk to the vets, so a very nice taxi driver lady agreed to pick me up from the boat and take me. Towels and blankets were put on the floor in case I was sick and Dad carried me into the vet. I was rushed into her emergency room and given all sorts of injections and tests, but they were pleased that mom had managed to keep me hydrated. My tail wagged as I stumbled into things, but the vet was very gentle with me. Mom cried when she was told that I had not had a stroke but they thought it was Vestibular Syndrome. With lots of medications, the taxi driver took us back to the boat. Another 'old boy' was at the vets and had had to stay overnight, his owner said that a night in the Ritz would have been cheaper!!!

On the way back, Mom said it was really sweet as other taxi drivers were calling our taxi driver on the CB radio to see 'how the old dog was holding up'. By late last night I could hold my head up on one side, and stagger around like a new born lamb. The harbour man keeps coming over in his boat to see how I am and this morning we had a visit by customs. The Customs man had heard a dog was ill on one of the boats and came to see me. He sat and had a cup of tea with us and patted my head, his daughter's dog had died a few days ago.

This morning I am feeling a lot better, we managed to go for a little walk, and Mom said I only looked as if I was drunk rather than comatosed. I had to wear Scrappy's harness so they could hold me up, whilst I staggered around, but as mom said, 'there is a remarkable improvement in her'. Mom keeps wrapping her arms around me, and feeding me bits of chicken. She has promised me chicken and pasta everyday until I make a full recovery.... best not rush these things!!!


12 April 2019
By Scrappy
Trains, cars, boats and ferries by Scrappy Doo
The last few weeks have been great, even though Dad keeps moaning about his carbon footprint. Dad went on eBay to look for a new tender (little boat we use to take us ashore when at anchor). He clicked ‘bid’ before he realised that it was on the Isle of Wight. So two weeks ago we drove from Yorkshire to the boat, and caught a ferry to Cowes. I love the car, so 8 hours lying on the back seat was bliss, even if the humans moaned that the car smelt horrid. It was not my fault that Dad fed me pork pie the day before and it disagreed with my constitution. The ferry journey was not as good. Most dogs were allowed in the lounge with their owners, but Mom and Dad declared us ‘too much trouble with other dogs’. Therefore we were left in the car with the windows open and bowls of water. It was all okay until Tinker tipped the water all over the back seat. It was a hard challenge sliding my belly through the gap between the two front seats, but I managed it and took up residency in the drivers seat.

The dog friendly hotel was lovely and the owners left doggy treats in the room for us. Mom was extremely mean, “ you have never had one of these before, I think we better put it away in case it does not agree with you”. I think she was referring to the last time she stayed in a hotel ten years ago with Tinker. She ate the treat and then was violently sick all over the carpet in the room. Instead of the romantic evening they had planned, Dad ended up walking the streets with Tinker, whilst mom scrubbed the floor. Indeed, we had such a lovely time we stayed an extra night, and mom declared it a success.

We returned to Southampton a few days later and travelled to Weymouth to spend time on the boat. Dad put the tender in the water to row it to the boat and Tinker jumped in. We might be land lubbers now, but we have not forgotten the joys of being rowed around. This is usually because we are being rowed ashore after a night at anchor and need a good poo. I always get frantic if mom takes the oars... she might be a good rower, but she is much slower than Dad and sometimes it is a bit too close for comfort. The boat needed a bit of TLC, but everything got cleaned after three months away and 5 days later we returned to Yorkshire to complete the last few jobs.

I shall miss Grandma Jane and Ruthy so very much. Grandma Jane brings kippers when she visits and Ruthy brings M&S ham or chicken. I hope that Mom has learnt a lesson from them both on how to keep me happy. I shall miss Farmer Frank, but he is more mean on the food front. He has about 20 cats, and any spare food always goes to them, including any left over Yorkshire puddings and gravy. He also has cows in his sheds, the smell drives me wild when I visit, but he never eats any of them himself. What is the point of keeping so many cows and not having a tasty steak when you need it. Next time I am back I shall have words with Grandma Jane to see if she can sneak me the Yorkshires!

We all trekked back to Weymouth and then Mom had the mammoth journey of returning the car to Yorkshire and catching the train to the boat. I was rather upset as I hoped to go too, but Mom said she did not trust me on a train for 8 hours. Ruthy put Mom up for a few nights, as a mom declared that she had made the beds, hoovered the carpets and polished the surfaces ready for our first guests and was not going to do it all again. The trouble is Ruthy runs a very
‘Dry’ house, so Mom had to encourage her to the pub both evenings. Mom also had a great day out with Grandma Jane in Beverley, and they ended a fantastic day out with a glass of wine in their favourite hotel looking over the sea at Filey.

Our pack is now back together again. Today we took the 4am lifting road bridge and moored in Weymouth harbour waiting for the morning tide to take us to Guernsey. After 20 long months the adventure starts once more.

Launching our new holiday home

23 March 2019
Julian Windmill
Moving to Yorkshire was not straightforward, but now we have done it and spent three wonderful months in our new home, we consider it one of the best decisions of our lives. It really was third time lucky!! Many years ago our friend Ken said to us, ‘you pays your money you make your choice’, and thank goodness we made the decision to pay and have a full survey done on the houses we looked to buy. A lovely man called Stuart did 3 full surveys for us. The first house had roof and car park issues and the second house seemed perfect to the human eye but was literally falling down and had radon gas. Stuart rang and said in his opinion it was not worth him writing the report, his advice was to run away from it as fkast as we could. So, back in November we imposed on my sister once more, and found Willowfield Cottage in the picturesque village of Thornton-le-Dale. It was love at first sight, a beautiful 1920’s house in a row of 15, up a Bridle path. Les, had owned it for many years, but after he went into a home his son sold it to some builders at auction.... I tell you this as I can not live in a house where someone died, it gives me bad vibes!!!!!! They completely gutted the property, but left the original features, such as fireplaces in the bedrooms, and picture rails and curved walls in the hallway. They added a downstairs toilet, state of the art kitchen and modern bathroom. Newly plastered and painted white walls and grey carpets meant we could move in and make our mark.

We moved in on the 27th December and sat on the floor with 2 mugs of champagne and a Chinese takeaway. The removal van had broken (I think he wanted a longer Christmas holiday) and our new mattress had failed to be delivered, but it was so relaxing we knew then that we had made the perfect decision. The last three months have been busy, we have been turning it into our home, with lots of trips to Dunelm, Pondens and the auction houses. Little Tom at Duggleby auctions and Angus at Ryedale are now on very good chatty terms, and as they keep telling Jules, I can always bid on line and they will keep my lots in storage whilst we are on the boat!!! The sad thing is that no one wants walnut, mahogany or solid oak furniture anymore, and I can not see them broken up for firewood. At one auction I bought three tables for £5 and donated them to the local hospice shop who sold them for over £100 each. As for tea sets, our attic beams are sagging under the weight, who can deny a bone China tea set a home, when it only costs a few pounds? I even bought Jules a new drill bit, and he can now drill holes into my pottery, so I can turn things into plate stands, outdoor pots, candle holders..... all I need is a market stall!! I have become friends with the lady who sells offcuts from John Lewis as part of their environmental reuse scheme. She has had pictures of my cushions and upholstery for John Lewis to use. I have even sewn 50 individual gift bags for our holiday lettings.

The house went live last night for holiday lettings, you can find it on www.yorkshireholidaycottages.co.uk or Ingrid Flute’s holiday cottages and search for ‘Willowfield Cottage’. We do not think we could do any more to make it as welcoming as possible. It has been wonderful to have so many friends to stay and each to offer advice on what they like about the house, and what we could do to make it better... a shelf here or an extra lamp there. We have employed a cleaning company, gardener and my mom will be our housekeeper, launderer and cake maker. It has been fun dealing with local companies to offer local goodies in our hamper and toiletry bag and of course there is a bone China gift for everyone!!!! I have gone mad thinking about how many coffee pods seem fair to leave and whether we need to leave cappuccinos or cafe au lait!!! Then there is the question of dishwasher and washing machine tablets. Jules has aching shoulders from cutting logs and has written an idiots guide to lighting a fire. We have had log burners for years, and forget that lots of people have never lit a fire. My sister came round to try out the instructions... our logic being that if she could follow the instructions on lighting a fire, anyone can!!! With a bit of moral support and a glove in case she burnt her hand, she managed not only to start a fire, but kept it going as well!!! Watching her work out how to use the popcorn maker was another matter. We thought a bowl of popcorn on the first night, with a glass of wine and the fire roaring, or the fire pit on a summer evening, would be nice to arrive to after a drive. There are rugs in a giant hamper in case people get cold sitting outside, a shiny new shed in case people bring bikes, 5 tons of gravel has been delivered and we have made a patio and BBQ area. We have newly painted antique patio furniture, a feature garden compass rose to continue the nautical theme, lots of boaty artwork, and a kitchen stocked with all sorts of things that will never get used!!! We have to provide sundae dishes, salad tongs, different sized serving spoons and toast racks amongst many other things. Jules has nearly died at the expense of really good fake candles, as real ones are not allowed for holiday lettings and we have some antique holders that look nothing without a good candle!! We are giving the job of writing individual cards to everyone that visits to my mom as she has lovely handwriting and I have finally altered the last of the curtains. We have put together goody bags for small children in the hope that they will colour in the book rather than anything else, and provided sticks or rock full of E numbers.....perhaps that was not our finest purchase, but it is too late now.

We have deliberated long and hard about the question of a dog, we might have Tinker and Scrappy in the house, but they are family. It is different having a strange dog, especially when we have new carpets throughout. So we have agreed to one smallish dog with very strict rules... not on the furniture, not upstairs and never to be left unattended. As Aggie says, dogs often make less mess than children and 99% of the owners clean up so well you would never know a dog has been in the house. Tinker enjoyed being chief taster when we put together the doggy treat bags. Poor Scrappy slept through the whole event, Tinker has lost her hearing and he seems to be losing his sense of smell!!!

We are really excited about our new venture as well as overjoyed to go travelling once more and we are returning to the boat for a few days next week to get it ready. We will then have a final week in Yorkshire before hitting the high seas once again. We have taken time out to visit Amble, a stunning seaside town in Northumberland and have a winter berth booked, so we can enjoy the Baltic for the summer and overwinter the boat near the house this year. We are trying things a little differently this time, and will come back for a few months each year to make sure the house keeps its top ratings.

We have had fun writing our own website, although it has taken hours. When we were working it would have taken half the time - ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ . We even deliberate over how to import a picture these days!!
It is www.willowfieldcottage.co.uk and for anyone who wants a holiday in Yorkshire we are offering at least a 15-20% discount off the published prices that you will see advertised by the holiday cottage companies, and if it is short notice even more. If you are interested please email us directly on Willowfieldcottage@gmail.com.

The Magic of Living

01 March 2019
Sadie Windmill
We were sitting in our local country pub the other night with the fire raging, listening to the moans of the young barman. An elderly guy who was sat at the bar asked him what was important in life and before the barman had chance to reply he said, ‘just living, that is what is important, the magic of living’.

This week I have been reminded once again of how fragile life is after contracting a nasty viral infection. The joys of life post chemotherapy are a much weakened immune system and the doctor wanted to cart me off to hospital immediately for monitoring, fearing with a much raised temperature and quickened heartbeat that sepsis could set in if my white cells were low. I refused the stay in hospital so was allowed home with the proviso that if things altered we would go straight there. Today my bloods came back and they are low but in range, so we are delighted and my oncologist in Birmingham is happy with where they are at the moment. Sadly I had to miss out on seeing Margaret and Sam, Liz and Gary and having my Aunt and Uncle to stay this weekend. Whilst it is a pain in the neck, it is also a constant reminder of how fragile and wonderful each and every day is and in the last month we have made sure we have lived life to the full.

We have been to Harrogate and had lunch at the iconic Betty’s tearooms before going to the Turkish baths for a hot towel body scrub, steam room and hot room experience before diving into the plunge pool for a cool down. It is said to have many healing benefits of expelling the toxins in the body, but whatever it did, it left us soft skinned and very relaxed. The next day I participated in the World Healing Sound Day, which consisted of listening to Quartz crystal bells singing. I left feeling very chilled out, which got even better when Jules and I spent the afternoon at Castle Howard’s Arboretum. It amazes me that men used to collect species of trees from all over the world for future generations to enjoy.

My birthday week was magical, it started with our friend Julie coming to visit. She was our first visitor and it was a really enjoyable day. She bought us a Denby tea and coffee-set which is always a winner with me. The next day Jo and Phil arrived and we spent the day in York. The weather was extremely kind and we were privileged to see a small otter climb out of the river and into his nest under one of the bridges. On the Sunday we went to a stately home and walked though a forest of snowdrops before moving on to Bridlington for hot donuts and then on to Filley for a bag of chips. We finished the day sitting in the bay window of a little boutique hotel with a glass of wine, watching the sun set over the sea. For my actual birthday we spent a night in York. We enjoyed Evensong at the Minster. I was disappointed that it was not the Minster choir but the London inner city choir was breathtaking, traditional with a hint of gospel. We enjoyed cherry beer in my favourite little bar and a nice meal at Cafe Rouge. The following morning I had a full English breakfast, just so I could take the bacon and sausage back to Tinker and Scrappy. I don’t know why I had bothered. My sister had dog sat, and they quite clearly preferred her company to ours!!! The hotel snuck up to our room whilst we were at breakfast and put a present and card on my pillow which was really special. We finished off my celebrations with “pie night” at a local pub with Mom, Ruthy and Farmer Frank. After an enjoyable meal we played a desert island game given to me by my Aunt and Uncle and were lucky we did not get thrown out. My mom’s answers got wilder by the minute, a bikini and pair of crocs were her items of choice!!! Later in the week Mom cooked a birthday meal and stunned us with a baked Alaska complete with sparklers. The week of festivities ended with a visit from Jules brother and sister in law. We were blessed with good weather and enjoyed our local walk to Ellerburn and had lavender scones at our local tea room.

At this time of year Scarborough is still a sleepy little seaside town, and we have enjoyed getting up early and being on the beach at 8.30am. We have enjoyed strolling along the beach with a hot bacon buttie and cup of hot tea and enjoyed the peace and quiet of it all. Scrappy enjoys a paddle although it is far too cold for me. During half term they run a sped boat for the tourists and I have to say that it is great fun blasting out into the bay, and at £5 a time we can not say no!! We have enjoyed taking a flask onto the moors and have watched the paragliders jump from the top of the Hole of Horcum, although we are sure that one particular timid man was still there the next day waiting to get exactly the right air to make the jump.

I must make a resolution not to bully my little sister, as I told her if she did not get on a dating website, I would do it for her. She has been swiping left for no and yes to know more....or is it the other way round? I thought she had been chatting to some really decent men by the looks of their pictures, jobs and profiles, but little did I know about dick pics. Why do men think it is appropriate to send pics of their willies, and even worse of themselves masterbating? As her older sister I have felt it my job to monitor these filthy photos and videos..... how we have howled, I have had tears running down my face. As my sister says, you do not need to watch to the end, it all ends the same way and it is not a pleasant sight!!! It makes me feel really old as I am more interested in the sheets they have on the bed and it has Jules wincing. I don’t think ‘sack, back and crack’ are words that will be entering his vocabulary anytime soon.....my monitoring job continues nonetheless!

Amidst all this fun we have been working really hard on the house, and we had our inspection last week. We were really nervous and got up at 5am to complete everything on time. It is really thorough, they inspect everything... the quality of mattresses and bedlinen, the softness of the towels, the springiness of the chairs, the sturdiness of the coat hangers, the type of cutlery and crockery, the brand of coffee maker, the suitability of parking, the quality of garden furniture, not forgetting the hamper and goodie bags that you are leaving. We hoped that we had done a good job, but were rather gobsmacked when they said we would be the only house without a jacuzzi, hot tub or swimming pool that would get a Five Star. After a long discussion we decided that we would rather be Four Star Gold, letting people be delighted that the property exceeds expectations. It was an exciting day and we were over the moon with the outcome, although having two log burners on for photos on the hottest day of the year, was a bit like being in a sauna!! Mom is making homemade cakes for all our guests as part of our welcome gifts and we simply had to try them after the photo shoot. The two assessors declared them to be the best cupcakes that had eaten.

We are now in our final few weeks of land living and are making preparations to get back to the boat. The varnish has been ordered, the new sails await and the sea is calling once more. I in particular will be very sad to leave our new home, but time and tide wait for no man.

My mom the hippie by Scrappy Doo

10 February 2019
My Mom the Hippie by Scrappy Doo

Imbolc... no it is not a swear word, Imbolc is a pagan festival which marks the beginning of the lambing season and signals the beginning of spring and the stirrings of new life. It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. It is about hope and is a time to let go of the past and to look to the future. It is also the festival and honouring of Brigit the goddess of healing, poetry, fire, of the Sun and of the Hearth.... at least that is what Mom tells me. Mom is delighted that she is meeting like minded people in Yorkshire, (or just plain weirdos as Dad and I like to call them). Last Sunday Mom dragged Ruthy to the Quaker hall to celebrate the festival. Poor Ruthy was well out of her comfort zone and was scared she was going to have to dance naked round a tree, but instead she was entertained with story tellers, musicians, chanting, meditations and a beautiful feast of vegan and vegetarian food. Ruthy is a woman after my own heart, not only did she not ‘get’ the celebrations but she also missed her meat intake.

Then Mom had a day of meditation and reflection at the Orange Tree centre which she raved about.It was right out in the moors at a little converted chapel and began with yoga and a gong bath. Mom said she got to lie down with pillows and soft blankets, with a lavender eye mask listening to a gong which bathed her body in magical vibrations and sound. It was followed by walking and sitting meditations which we were surprised that Mom managed to do as it required silence. The day ended with Yoga nidra ( yogic sleep) a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. We went to pick mom up and it was all she could do to keep her eyes open, and she slept for 12 hours straight. We might send her again as it was a very peaceful evening!!!

Then there is the meditation class. Mom spent an evening staring at a snowdrop and listening to wind chimes keyed to the the element of water, whatever that means. She said it was the best thing she had ever been to. Dad and I are beginning to doubt her sanity but we are encouraging her to go as it really does chill her out. I have not been told off in weeks, even when I had a run in with the next door’s dog. The gate had been left open and I escaped and was going on a little walk when ‘Tetley’ appeared out of nowhere. I was going to ignore him, but he growled and that was it, we had a bit of a fight, and for the first time ever I came off worst, covered in my own blood.

Anyway Wednesday is ‘World Sound Healing Day’ and mom is off to send light, healing and positive energy to the universe by chanting and singing apparently. Do not be surprised if it is raining by the evening.

In between all the weird stuff, Mom and Dad have been enjoying the local area. They have walked along the coast, enjoyed pie night at the local pubs, visited lots of auctions and enjoyed the city of York. They have also been working hard getting the house ready for holiday letting. They have had three agencies round and each of them are desperate to have Willowfield Cottage on their books. They say that mom has an eye for decoration and one company were keen to purchase her homemade cushions. Perhaps it is divine inspiration from the goddess Bridget or perhaps ideas come to her during her yogi sleeps!!!!

In the next couple of weeks our house will be advertised for rental and our focus will turn to sailing once more. Like so many people we are waiting to see if we have a Brexit deal or not. In any event once we leave the EU we can only spend 90 days in every 180 in Europe which severely limits what we can do. With the deal this comes into effect in 2020 but with no deal it may be immediately imposed. It is a big knock to our plans but our hearts go out to all our friends who work in or have property in Europe and are waiting to find out how everything will work for them.

Happy New Year

07 January 2019 | From Thornton le Dale.
Happy New Year.
After two Christmases being consumed by the news of cancer and chemotherapy, we were determined to make the most of this Christmas. We spent it in Weymouth on Leslie Frank and celebrated in style. We enjoyed cliff walks, beach combing and seaside cafes. We found some beautiful old churches for candlelit services, Christingles and Nine Lessons and carols and enjoyed the mulled wine and Christmas cake after the services. We had a few day trips out to the old market town of Dorchester and found a splendid cafe where the owners were really friendly and got me drunk on blackberry gin served in their best china cups. We braved the cold and windy weather at Lulworth Cove, walked out to the arches at Durdle Door and marvelled at the chalkman with the giant willy at Cern Abbas. On Christmas Eve we went to the local Panto which was excellent, despite it being too much for many children who just wanted Santa to arrive. On Christmas Day and Boxing Day we enjoyed some bracing walks along the coast, and followed a boating tradition of a G&T in the local pub whilst the turkey cooked.

Then on the 27th we made the seven hour journey to North Yorkshire and picked up the keys to our new house. We had a takeaway Chinese, sitting on the carpet and slept on the floor, but nothing could dampen our spirits, not even the news that our furniture was not going to be delivered on time! We were truly welcomed by all the neighbours with cards, food, wine and cake. On New Year’s Eve we were invited next door for a fantastic party where the champagne flowed and the food was delicious. On New Year’s Day we cycled to a foody pub for lunch which was very tasty, but after a 20mile round trip we were walking like John Wayne.... perhaps we need to break ourselves in more gently. We also had our second Christmas with my mom, Farmer frank and Ruthy. We had normal presents, and charity shop pressies which turned out to be a real giggle, ending in a game of Buckaroo which I have not played in years.
On Saturday we went to the local ‘house clearance auction’ and I am already on friendly terms with Angus the auctioneer. In fact he commented several times that he was glad I had made it, although I do not know what I am going to do with three mahogany tables!!! It is so sad that MDF furniture sells very quickly and yet C19 oak, walnut and mahogany furniture goes unsold. We bought water colour pictures, a stunning singer sewing machine and a very old writing box for £10 each. Then came the crockery boxes and I bid on a box of Sylvus pickled onion, beetroot and apple sauce pots(shown in the picture). Nan had a set for years and they were used on high days and holidays, so I had to buy them. They are now taking pride and place in the kitchen.

I have also purchased a trampoline, and the local kids came and asked if they could borrow it. It feels as if we have stepped back in time as they borrowed or, bought it back, asked where we wanted it put and if there were any jobs they could do to make up for borrowing it. In our row of houses we all have front gardens which the deeds of the house forbid to be turned into drives, so there is a very friendly atmosphere, although number 6 has rabbits keeping the grass cut which drives the dogs crazy.

We are going to be here until mid February before we return to Leslie Frank to sail to the Baltic. It would be great to have some visitors and then we plan to holiday let the house, with very generous friends rates, so we hope that it is enjoyed by lots of you.

With love and best wishes for 2019 to you all.

Sadie, Jules, Tinker and Scrappy xx
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